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AZ GOV Committee Burns While Chairperson Ugenti Fiddles For Campaign Funds

guest blog by George Staropoli
The Arizona House Government Committee is chaired by Rep. Michelle Ugenti.  Why hasn’t she held her House GOV committee meetings for the past 3 weeks, 4 in total (just under 50% not meeting)?  
Here’s a copy of the latest Ugenti flyer to raise funds for her campaign   Does her personal agenda –  campaigning for re-election – come before the work of the Legislature and her committee?  Before the people?  Is she so indispensible to the Arizona Legislature that she must be re-elected?  Or is she so desperate to get re-elected in the face of past acts and actions?
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Latest On Blondie & The Bimbo

Ah yes, we need an update on this one. These ‘gal pals’ in Arizona pulled a fast one a number of months back. Governor Jan Brewer signed into law an anti-homeowner law which had been introduced twice in the Legislature, and had failed twice. So Representative Michelle Ugenti (no fan of homeowners rights) introduced it a third time. But the third attempt was as disgusting a move as you could expect from a well-recognized Bimbo.

Blondie and the Bimbo

Explosive!The initial news was stunning. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer had just signed a campaign finance bill that radically changed the powers of Homeowners Boards and HOA managers. That little contradiction should raise your eyebrows. A campaign finance bill that allows untrained HOA managers to appear in Small Claims and Administrative Law Courts playing like make-believe lawyers on behalf of Homeowners Associations? A Campaign Finance bill that regulates whether Homeowners Associations can have on-street or off-street parking?

Wise, Wise Words

One of the early founders of our movement who’s perhaps one of the top three homeowners rights advocates in the country is Arizona’s George Staropoli. He has testified before legislatures, he’s a devout Constitutionalist, he’s perhaps one of the most articulate people standing up for downtrodden victims of the national HOA scam. To say he was a huge inspiration to me is putting it mildly.

His website, pvtgov.org, has tens of thousands of fans. In fact, his was the first site I discovered when I was trying to learn what was wrong with the basic nature and structure of American Homeowners Associations.

Everybody Loves A Party!

Some fascinating posters are going around the Internet right now. Remember CAI? The Community Associations Institute? These are the good folks who run America’s managed neighborhoods, handing out excessive fines for minor violations, and hiring lawyers to file liens and lawsuits to take away your homes. They’re the ones who have predatory tow trucks cruising your streets and towing away cars that don’t belong there, like those of friends and relatives. These are the folks who are now doing mandatory DNA cheek swabs on the neighborhood pets, so fines can be handed for each unscooped poop. They are faux governments that have more power than traditional governments. And they don’t recognize such niceties as the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.