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This Is How We Treat Our Veterans?!?

Being an injured veteran, back home from fighting our wars abroad, you’d think Americans might be a little more understanding and compassionate. But the tiny-minded Water Oaks neighborhood on Florida’s Emerald Coast apparently feels like it’s a little too good for a lowly former Army NCO.

Sgt. First Class Shane Jernigan is a first class fellow. His neighbors are acting like a bunch of slimy low-lifes. Jernigan has been in one fight after another as his Homeowners Association tries to make him so miserable he’ll leave. But he’s a fighter. This HOA and its law firm (one of the most notoriously litigious in the whole state) is trying to spend him to death.

Kansas City Star: HOA Central!

The Kansas City Star continues to be the premier newspaper providing in-depth news coverage of the national HOA abuse scandal. In this category, at least, the Star is acting like a national newspaper, not a City newspaper. People in all fifty states and Canada are following the expose’ by reporter Judy Thomas and her team. Finally, some true muckraking by a journalist who has the guts to stand up to this massive and corrupt lobby.

Another One Of Those ‘Isolated Incidents’

HOA boosters like the Community Associations Institute would have us all believe that embezzling by HOA board members is very isolated. Linked below is one more of the hundreds and even thousands of cases of out-of-control board members stealing from their neighbors.

(how isolated is HOA embezzling?)


Rachel Anna Rosoff

guest blog by Nila Ridings

She was a 17 year old lifeguard at the Heritage Point HOA swimming pool. She was found in the water by another employee, but he could not jump in and try to save her because the water was electrified.

My heart is broken for her parents, family, and friends who will say a final good-bye to Rachel in the coming days. There will always be the unanswered questions. One will be “why” did this young woman’s life end so soon?

Nevada Homeowner Wins HOA Lawsuit!!!

Yup! After a long struggle our friend in Las Vegas, Jonathan Friedrich, has won his lawsuit against a Homeowners Association that tried to claim Jonathan was a member and not only demanded he pay dues, they tried to foreclose on his house.

KTNV’s Darcy Spears has now done a story on Jonathan’s victory. And now Rancho Bel Air is now officially in the Nevada HOA Hall of Shame.

(link to story on Friedrich on KTNV)