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Power Blog From Arizona!

George Staropoli, one of the nation’s leaders in the homeowners rights movement, has an excellent blog post we should all commit to memory. If his five proposed legislative changes are ever enacted, this would be a far different country; a country of neighbors instead of embattled homeowners and power-tripping board members.

(click here for 5 proposed changes in law)


Sometimes,the Good Guy Wins!

Florida’s Jan Bergemman is one of the early heroes of the homeowners’ rights movement. For many years, he’s had his sights set on putting rules in place that would stop the mindless unregulated tyranny in Homeowners Associations. Jan describes himself as a “retired chef from Germany.” But he’s worked tirelessly in his state to try to wake people up to the organized crime syndicate behind the Homeowners Association Movement.

This blogger was skeptical, at first, when reading about proposed new anti-HOA laws in Florida. “Impossible!” I thought, when finding that common sense laws were being suggested in the original ‘tyranny state.’

The Bimbo Outwits Blondie, But the People Catch On!

A slimy piece of legislation in Arizona is finally making it’s way to the mainstream media. We began discussing this ugly bill on June 24th. What it means is that Representative Michelle Ugenti, who was soundly rejected when she tried to introduce an HOA bill that among other things would allow convicted felons, child molesters, etc. the right to move into HOA crime free housing, sneaked her bill into law anyway!

Remember…she was voted down twice!

Also remember that the Arizona constitution mandates that every bill contain only one subject, and that one subject has to accurately depict the contents of the bill.

Wise, Wise Words

One of the early founders of our movement who’s perhaps one of the top three homeowners rights advocates in the country is Arizona’s George Staropoli. He has testified before legislatures, he’s a devout Constitutionalist, he’s perhaps one of the most articulate people standing up for downtrodden victims of the national HOA scam. To say he was a huge inspiration to me is putting it mildly.

His website, pvtgov.org, has tens of thousands of fans. In fact, his was the first site I discovered when I was trying to learn what was wrong with the basic nature and structure of American Homeowners Associations.

Words of Great Wisdom

These words were once penned by one of the mightiest men in our movement. Understand, of course, there are still miles to go before we sleep. But read, Dear Friend, and take heart.

And the  Land Shall Be Made Good Again

George K. Staropoli

copyright 2006 George K.  Staropoli

 In the  beginning

There was  the land,

And the  land was good

And the  people were happy.


Soon upon  the land

Came the  moneychangers

In the  guise of builders

Of the  community.


And the  moneychangers said