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Lawsuits, Drama, and political controversy surrounding Palm Beach, FL condominium association

guest blog by Deborah Goonan

Here’s a condo story in Florida that might some day make the basis for a great TV movie script. It’s so bizarre. I can’t make this stuff up.

It involves Whitehall Condominium of the Villages, West Palm Beach, Florida.

First, I watched the WPBF news report of condo-owners breaking and entering the condo office to seize records, checks, and computer hard drives. It just so happens one of the homeowners involved was Katherine Waldron, a candidate for Palm Beach Commission.

Predictably, dirty politics is using this information to campaign against Waldron, and in favor of her competitor.

PR2 HOA reaches confidential settlement w/City House, Frisco, TX

guest blog by Deborah Goonan

Several weeks ago, I told you about a pending legal dispute between Plantation Resort 2 HOA vs. City House, a non-profit organization that assists homeless youths. Several months ago, City House purchased and remodeled a 5-bedroom home in PR2 HOA, for use as transitional living for young adults in need of a home. Shortly after the purchase, PR2 notified City House that it would not be permitted to use the home as intended, citing violation of its Restrictive Covenants.

Earlier this week, WFAA Channel 8 was notified that a confidential, out-of-court settlement has been reached. The video and transcript is linked below.

New Contest for America’s Worst Neighbor!

Please send me your submissions! ABC 20/20 did a story on these two couples on January 2nd. Amazingly bad neighbors.

I’m going to start soliciting similar nominations from you for the year’s worst neighbor…not sure what prize I’ll award for the most nightmarish neighbor…maybe a free copy of Neighbors At War, but these two couples are a prize.

God bless them. What would the rest of us do for entertainment without idiots like these?

(nightmare neighbors in New York)



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Busy Beavers in Colorado High Country

A lot of areas in the Rocky Mountains have problems with beavers gnawing trees. But this state has a much bigger problem with humans who are busy as beavers gnawing away at large sums of money that belong to their neighbors. The story linked below contains an interesting line: “…it’s just the latest in a series of extraordinary embezzlement cases throughout the Fifth Judicial District, which includes Eagle, Summit, Clear Creek and Lake counties.”

Do HOAs make homeownership more affordable and create better communities?

guest blog by Deborah Goonan

Followers of this blog and anyone that follows real estate news will quickly notice that reality stands in stark contrast to Community Association Institute (CAI) rhetoric.

For readers who are unaware, “community association” is CAI’s official terminology for what the rest of America knows a Homeowners’ Association (HOA).

Time to debunk some proclamations made in CAI’s 2013 Statistical Review (link below), and repeated annually in their publications that tout “How and Why Community Associations Work.”

Let’s start with this one: