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Drones! Drones! Drones!

I should charge money for psychic readings!  It was four or five years ago that I began predicting the advent of drones and that they would eventually be cheap enough for the boards of Homeowners Associations to start using them to inspect the most private part of your property. Your nude sunbathing or hot tub trysts could be played on the TV set at the HOA clubhouse and you probably wouldn’t win a legal case.

$50K Goal For GoFundMe And The Purple Playset

guest blog by Nila Ridings

The blog I wrote about the Raintree Lake HOA in Lee’s Summit, Missouri on August 10th mentioned discussions of a GoFundMe account for the Stout family legal defense. They are standing up and fighting against the HOA to keep their daughters’ purple playset.

Sure enough, somebody took the bull by the horns and set it up. The donations are rolling in. And the comments from some of the donors are VERY interesting. Even a Realtor is making mention of people being afraid to buy in HOAs. How many times have we heard that before?

Gender Discrimination in Boulder HOA

The Boulder Weekly is not really known as a bastion of fine journalism. An example is linked below where the reporter could really have done some better research.

The story is about Knollwood Village Homeowners Association, a tiny HOA just a five minute walk from the University of Washington Campus. The CC&Rs say renting a home in the HOA is limited to a single married couple only and immediate family members.

Well, since this year’s Supreme Court ruling the definition of ‘marriage’ no longer exists. The definition of ‘family’ no longer exists. Whether right or wrong that’s the functional result of the ruling. So a marriage or a family is anything a person, or his partner, or his or her multiple partners are say it is.

Sexual Harassment! And You Pay!

This one is huge, and it’s developing right now in Colorado.

A Homeowners Association in Vail is being sued because one of the supervisors in the management company was a jerk who was mistreating female Mexican workers. The Feds are now suing both the management company and the condo association.

I’ve owned two ski condos in that same area and I never had a clue who the management company was. I did get dinged a couple of times when I tried to change the locks on my doors. The management company bored through the locks, changed the door handle and charged me for their work. Yes, I was p.o.’d about that and it was one of the reasons I finally dumped the condos when the market improved.

Cautions About Condos From Heloise

guest blog by Nila Ridings

Something about the condo purchasing information in this newspaper column tells me she’s had some first-hand experience. She knows enough to wave the warning flag and sound the alarm, but not enough to know those items are the lesser of the worries in a condo purchase.

I’ve written her a paragraph about my perspective on condo living. If you feel so inclined to help add to her HOA education write her at: Heloise@Heloise.com

Perhaps it will be a newspaper columnist who impacts the most people in the shortest time period? I don’t know. What I do know is the vast knowledge about HOA and COAs among our readers must be shared far and wide.