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Massive HOA Fraud Discovered in Oregon

You don’t hear many stories about HOA nightmares in Oregon and Washington. Well, folks, that’s changing.

Here’s a story that claims 31 Homeowners Associations in Oregon were ripped off by their management company. Homeowners are facing huge special assessments to make up for the loss. The management company employee embezzled up to two million dollars. HOAs from Portland to Forest Grove are struggling under the weight of the financial disaster.

Stunned homeowners were heard saying, “Gosh, you just don’t hear about this kind of thing happening.” to which our only comment should be “HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!”

The Very Last People We Should Screw Over are the Handicapped!

We see it in state after state.  A family in McNary Estates, Marion County, wanted to install a privacy screen to keep their Down’s Syndrome kid from wandering off into the golf course. The youngster was once hit by a golf ball.

McNary Estates lawyers screamed “It’s not in the law. Besides the kid isn’t even a member of the family. He just stays there a lot!”

Well, the son stays in the home all the time now.

The court fight was waged, thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars were spent. The homeowners of McNary Estates, of course, will get hit with a special assessment to pay for the meanness of their lawyers and their Board of Directors.