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Sad beginning…Happy Ending!

Vet Evicted

Guest Blog by Nila Ridings

Vet EvictedAt ninety-one years old, a WWII veteran didn’t have a legal battle on his “bucket list.”

Thanks to his smart, love-filled granddaughter, Jaclyn and the outpouring of donations she acquired via the internet, John Potter will now get to stay in the Ohio home he’s lived in for more than half a century.

Thank you for your service to our great nation Mr. Potter. Because of you, the spirit of America has proven to still be alive.

Oh, and this time it wasn’t an HOA seizing a home. It was Potter’s only daughter! What a cautionary tale for all of us.

Creepy, Creepy Drones


DronesI’ve been predicting for a couple of years, now, that Homeowners Associations would eventually begin using drones to gather private information on members of the neighborhood. And they will.

The story linked below is about a Seattle man who used a camera-equipped drone to peer through a third story bedroom window of a neighbor. It’s beyond creepy. But it’s exactly what’s coming to a Homeowners Association near you.

If your HOA president hasn’t yet used a drone-carrying camera to spy on you, your lady friend, or your kids while they’re sitting in your private backyard hot tub, just wait.

Sexual Abuse of a Peacock???

Sexually abused peacock

Sexually abused peacockSorry, this has nothing to do with goofy Homeowners Associations, it’s just about a goofy neighbor. And it’s so bizarre I can’t pass it up with comment.

Yes, there are unbelievably crazy neighbors out there. And they live just down the block from you! In a million years, you wouldn’t be able to predict how crazy they are.

LOL! I’ve been around peacocks. They’re nasty-tempered birds with a huge beak that can severe a man’s finger if not something else. It’s just a horrible shame this peacock didn’t have better aim against his owner.

Read the original article here …

Ah! The Whiners!

In days of old, when a neighbor was having a problem and couldn’t maintain his property because of disease, disability, aging, family emergency, bankruptcy, all the other neighbors would pitch in and help out. Well, don’t expect that in HOA Amerika.

No, these days it’s all about humiliating, fining, suing and foreclosing on the properties of the less fortunate. And the new leader of the anti-homeowner rights movement may be Gary Walsh, president of the Meadow Walk Homeowners Association in Sarasota County, Florida. His story is linked below.

On Bashing Celebrities

Oh, we just seem to love it when we can celebrate the crash and fall of celebrities. I’ve never really understood that. When I come across a celebrity-bashing during my web browsing, I generally skip over it without looking.

But I did click on the link below while googling celebrities and Homeowners Associations. Seems that rythm and blues star, Chris Brown, has tried to express himself with graffiti on the exterior of his home. His Hollywood neighbors don’t like it.