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Hilarious! An Anti-HOA Drone Hoodie?

As readers of my book and blog already know, I’ve long been predicting that HOA boards would begin buying surplus military drone aircraft to spy on homeowners to ensure nobody in the neighborhood had installed an unauthorized hot tub in the back yard.

LOL! There’s already a prankster out there in the cyber world who occasionally pops up with a phony HOA-drones-for-sale website. His last posting was on April 1st, which might give you a key to his mindset. He even provided his phone number and it must be a hoot to answer calls from HOA board members who are actually serious about buying a drone to cruise for covenant violations.

HOA Murders! Again!

Professor Gary Solomon, one of the prominent national voices in the Homeowners’ Rights Movement, has long predicted that the nation will see a wave of violence in Homeowners Associations. There’s no doubt this man is precognizant. This weekend’s news proves him to be a real prophet.
In Harrisburg, North Carolina, Anthony Charles Hardy lived exactly between homes of the president of the Windsor Forest Homeowners Association and a house occupied by another member of the board. This weekend Hardy murdered both board members, and then committed suicide in a subsequent standoff with the SWAT team. Three people dead.
Do you want to be a prophet? Just go to your annual homeowners association meeting and watch the fury and frustration vented by homeowners against the board of directors. It really is a little scary.
Of course, there’s absolutely no excuse for murder. None. But is this violence just wildly coincidental?
Arizona resident George Staropoli, one of the pioneers of the Homeowners’ Rights Movement, points out in a recent blog the arrogance of the national HOA lawsuit industry with the artwork on the covers of industry magazines from several years ago. The industry, the CAI in this case, is absolutely mocking the coming wave of homeowners who are screaming about the rights they’ve unexpectedly lost by signing the CC&R papers for a new home.
While realizing that homeowners are turning to murder and mayhem in states like North Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri, Florida, Arizona and others, try to comprehend why leaders of the HOA money scam would mock simple homeowners who are just trying to understand how and why they lost all their Constitutional rights.  Please, please read Staropoli’s blogpost linked below (all the way to the end to see the magazine covers) and make sure you take in the full impact of the HOA industry’s attitude toward the rest of us. They owe us a huge apology.

Which HOA Is The Most Corrupt?

Egads, that’s an impossible question to answer. But read the column linked below and make up your own mind.

Oh, and remember that Robert Frank (retired Air Force Colonel) was one of two whistle-blowers who were jailed, strip searched and accused of fraudulently reporting a crime to a police agency. They were eventually exonerated. No, they were more than exonerated when the IRS discovered their allegations of fishy tax returns were spot-on and the HOA was hit with a huge federal fine for trying to skirt around millions of bucks worth of taxes.

We’re Back! Wobbley, But Back!

My Webmaster is my personal hero/heroine. By some miracle she has restored most or all of my blog posts that were trashed in this most recent hack attack.  Although my posts might not be in chronological order, that’s OK. It may actually mean that you get to read some things you otherwise might have missed because they were written some time ago.

In the meantime, if you ever need a genious as your own personal Webmaster, please let me know. I kind of hate to refer her to you because I don’t want to ever lose someone with her Internet talent and knowledge. But if you email me at Ward@NeighborsAtWar.com, I will (reluctantly) give her your name and contact number.