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Introducing The City HOA

guest blog by Nila Ridings

Pagedale, Missouri appears to have learned the “tricks of the trade” from HOAs by turning homeowners into cash cows.

Most city codes do not allow for cars up on jacks in driveways or front yards. They frown on RVs, travel trailers, and eighteen wheelers parked in driveways. And peeling paint or a falling fence will no doubt be met with a violation warning letter. But the City of Pagedale has a line of homeowners waiting to pay fines for a BBQ grill in the front yard, a free-standing basketball goal on the driveway, or the wrong color of blinds in the windows. If the windows are missing screens it makes for another reason to fine the homeowners. Even an 84 year old woman has been ordered to change her window treatments or be fined.

What Happens If HOAs Can Affect Your Credit Score?

guest blog by Nila Ridings

At various times, I have heard the discussion of HOAs having the ability to report delinquencies in HOA dues to credit reporting agencies. The link below offers some excellent information about the importance of having excellent credit. It also brings to mind the additional risks of owning in an HOA.

Out Come The Checkbooks In Visalia, California

guest blog by Nila Ridings

Oh, the tempers have started furiously flying at the sight of the assessment letters arriving in the mail!

The homeowners in the elite HOA of The Lakes in Visalia, in the Central San Joaquin Valley, are fuming because the private roads need paving (according the property manager and the board) and that requires an emergency assessment of $2,300 per lot. If a person owns three lots they need to triple that payment. Why the need for the emergency assessments? Quick answer: The reserves are underfunded. Which comes as no surprise to all of us who work daily on HOA issues.

Judge Approves Purple Swing Set!

guest blog by Nila Ridings

The Stout family is celebrating around the purple swing set tonight! It’s not going away. The parents are not going to jail. The kids can smile and be happy while swinging to their hearts content.

The Raintree Lake board of directors (Missouri) just wasted a lot of money on legal bills and put their HOA on national news. Not to mention the story went viral on the internet. Let’s HOPE they learned something from this case.

What’s The Cause?

guest blog by Nila Ridings

We’re back in Saint Louis, Missouri where homeowners are in the midst of a very heated battle.

Some are saying it’s over skin color. Others say it’s the barking dogs. A few think it’s the criminal history. Whatever it is, it’s heating up.

These folks live in an HOA. Personally, I do not see where the HOA should even think of getting involved in this battle.