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How Is This Legal? Aspen?!?!? Government Condos?

Aspen has always been known as a far-left city. There’s probably not a registered Republican within 25 miles of the town limits. And this isn’t meant as a slam against either my far-left friends or my far-right friends. I’ve got plenty on both sides and I respect them all. But there has to be some kind of law against this.

There’s Gotta Be A Better Way!

There’s yet another home confiscation in Florida, this one in the Waters Edge Homeowners Association. A young Florida family got behind in their HOA dues and their home was snatched right out from under them.

Young families are not wise to the ways of the world. They don’t understand how profoundly corrupt organizations like the HOA movement can simply steal what they own. Young people trust in the honesty of neighbors and neighborhood lawyers. Sadly, too many families who are just searching for a dream end up living a nightmare.

(link to WFTV story on homeless family)


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Calling All Lawyers!

One of my unspoken goals in creating this blogsite is to gradually build a list of lawyers in each and every state who are not beholden to such dismal anti-homeowner organizations as the Community Associations Institute. Other bloggers and I have been assembling a list of attorneys who truly represent homeowners against HOA bullies and management companies. So I solicit your input on lawyers you think deserve to be recommended by our network. You can privately email me at Ultimately, our vetted list will be made available on all sorts of homeowners rights blogs.

HOA Trouble In Colorado

guest blog by Stan Hrincevich   (

Colorado Springs Town Hall Meeting: let us know how you can help get the word out about this meeting on Feb 13: contact legislators, post flyer at your HOA, local media, etc.

Construction Defects Legislation: here we go again with the Denver Post exclusively contacting the Community Associations Institute (CAI) to represent homeowners’ interests in how homeowners’ money is used in litigation. Below is our letter to the editor of the Denver Post and copied to legislators:

Outrageous! Shutting Down Heat to the Whole HOA???

 guest blog by Deborah Goonan, (Independent American Communities)

Another week, another outrageously unbelievable story involving a condo association. This one is in Aurora, Colorado.

Not long ago, I told you about a condo association in Ohio that has not repaired their central heating system for many months. Today I am sharing a video report from Fox 31 Denver, about Cedar Crest Condominiums. Residents – many of them tenants – have been without central heat since late October.

Rob Low of Fox 31 reports that residents are using space heaters and their ovens in order to heat their apartments.