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More Money Down The Drain

guest blog by Deborah Goonan

Yet another case of shoddy construction, this time a failing storm drain and a sinking retention pond in Michigan. Over several years, homeowners of Windridge Estates HOA have experienced cracked foundations and basement windows, shifting soil in their back yards, and movement of retention walls, as the shoreline of the nearby pond crumbles into the water.

The HOA lacks the means to make the needed repairs, so the City of New Baltimore has agreed to “help” by setting up a special assessment district, in order to collect $1.45 million from homeowners over the next 10 years. Each lot will ultimately be taxed roughly $6500.

HOAs often pit Investors vs. Homeowners, and homeowners usually lose

guest blog by Deborah Goonan
Even in the nation’s Heartland, homeowners’ and condo associations are subject to considerable consumer risk. The Des Moines Register story highlights just one example of what happens when investors take over an Association, a common occurrence across the country.

Here’s the blatant truth. The corporate structure of HOAs — allocating voting rights to the Property instead of allocating those rights to People based upon residency — leads to the inevitable consequence of pitting investors against homestead property owners.

Another Military Family Ordered To Remove Flag

One often thinks of the people of Utah as being more patriotic than those in many other states. But Homeowners Associations in Utah can be just as ugly as elsewhere.

The Spring Creek Ranch HOA in Lehi, Utah, is ordering the wife of an active duty Navy man to remove the U.S. Navy flag from her home. Lucia Sandoval is being threatened with a fine and lawsuit because she had the temerity to put up her patriotic display. She says she intends to fight, but that probably means massive legal expenses for her and her family.

Stealing Homes In Indiana

guest blog by Deborah Goonan

Last year, residents of Charlestown, Indiana, thwarted an eminent domain attempt initiated by Mayor Bob Hall to allow developers to buy out, raze, and redevelop their entire Pleasant Ridge neighborhood. With pro bono assistance from Institute for Justice, and a well-organized effort, residents were able to put an end to those plans, and keep their homes.

Pleasant Ridge is still in need of improvement, however, and owners want to work with the Mayor on alternative plans to reduce crime and clean up problem properties. Therefore, several neighborhood leaders have proposed establishing a steering committee, to work with the Mayor’s office on revitalizing their Pleasant Ridge neighborhood. Mayor Hall has been asked to serve on the Board of this steering committee, along with one other representative from his staff.

Simple Explanation

guest blog by Nila Ridings
HOAs! I am 100% convinced that is the answer to the mystery (no mystery to me) of the article linked below.Originally created to make neighbors with commonality friendly and social. But the HOA concept failed when the structure was established for neighbor to rule neighbor. Even to the point of being able to fine, lien, and foreclose on their home. With that being allowed to happen the trust is gone and the fear antenna goes up while the boxing gloves sit waiting by the front door to go on.

In multiple ways HOAs are destroying human life!