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Repeal of Nevada HOA statute?

guest blog by Deborah Goonan

From the state that brought us the largest HOA federal fraud investigation EVER, now this:

Ira Hansen, a Nevada Republican Assemblyman, recently filed AB233, a proposal to repeal NV Statute 116, the statute governing homeowners’ associations. The intent, according to Hansen, is to delegate regulation to a lower level state agency, such as a commission on HOAs. Nevada HOAs are currently regulated by the Nevada Real Estate Division (NRED).

The reason for this proposed change? Essentially, according to Hansen, HOA disputes are too much trouble, the issues too “minor” to bother with! If you read the attached news release, the insinuation is that all HOA issues involve rules over flying the flag or other aesthetic concerns.

Trouble brewing in Poinciana HOA?

guest blog by Deborah Goonan

You might remember previous blogs about Poinciana HOA in Florida, the community of over 50,000 residents that has been attempting to incorporate as a city for the past three years.

Well, now the Board’s President, President Jolly, has filed complaints with State Attorneys in Osceola and Polk Counties, alleging that $2 million is unaccounted for. Poinciana is managed by mega-management company, First Services Residential (FSR).

WFTV has been covering the story. The Board refused to allow video coverage of a recent special meeting called to discuss complaints filed by Jolly against FSR. Someone even made a motion to remove Jolly as President, but that motion failed to carry.

The God of Poop!

Poop. Feces. Droppings. Excrement. Cow pies. Dung. Guano. Meadow Muffin. Stool.

Do you realize that humans have hundreds and hundreds of different words for this little bit of matter that is so disgusting to us? It’s almost as if we worship it. Who invented such awful substance? God did. It’s the ultimate recylable material. And you would be stunned to know that every speck of this stuff, depending upon which species deposited it, has an entire ecosystem which depends on getting a steady supply.

Monsters in Michigan!

If you want to find out for yourself how monstrous HOA legislation can be, you need look no further than Michigan.

This state has just passed a law the shields non-profit boards of directors from all liability and accountability. Whew! All? Homeowners Associations, Condo Associations, Co-ops are all non-profit corporations. They handle all our money, they casually throw around our home equity and our life savings, and they’re now exempt? What hath God wrought?

Read the link below and weep.

And remember the words of Gideon J. Tucker and Samuel Clemens: “No man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session.”

All About Ella!

guest blog by Nila Ridings

Run get the tissues and prepare to watch this video!

Nobody will forget Ella Schultz and her Make A Wish playhouse dreams. As of April 1st Ella’s wish came true! JE Dunn built a beautiful playhouse complete with a Dutch door, porch swing, loft, kitchen, and a sweet pink mailbox! We wish her thousands of hours of happiness, laughter, and fun in her special playhouse that is currently restricted to “girls only.”