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You’re Crazy, Ward!

LOL! It’s pretty easy for somebody who follows my blog to think I’m stone-cold crazy about some of the horrible things that go on in the typical HOA environment. That’s why it’s fun to have YouTube in the mix.

The link below is to an outraged couple who discovered that their HOA micro-manages each and every person who spends a night under their roof. HOAs typically insist that no unrelated people live in the same house. That means a micro inspection of the relationship between every unmarried or yet-to-be-married couple spending a few nights in the same home. You have to get advance permission if someone is staying over, complete with their name, date-of-birth, Social Security Number and source of income.

The Idiots in Brighton Lakes HOA!

guest blog by Nila Ridings

Homeowner Carol Dietrick is handicapped but gets around great on her mobility scooter.
Now, her HOA claims her husband’s truck which is equipped with a wheelchair lift is a commercial vehicle! And they’re threatening to fine Carol’s landlord.

WFTV-TV in Central Florida reports that the HOA could be in violation of federal law. Talk about understatements!

Carol…take your camera and get some pix of the rear ends of every board member’s car. Betcha you’ll see lots of commercial logos like…. Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Honda, Toyota, Subaru, and maybe even Cadillac. That’s all advertising. 

Infamous Embezzler Gets 30 Days!

Ah, Las Vegas. “How we love ya, How we love ya.”

Get caught drunk driving and you might get a year behind bars. Embezzle a million bucks, cost fifty people their homes and you get 30 days!

Massoud Aaron Yashouafar is known in three states for his enormously fishy real estate deals. And he’s the big cheese behind the Paradise Spa scandal in Las Vegas. Much of the Homeowners Association burned to the ground in 2010, but somehow a million dollars in insurance money found its way to Yashouafar’s pockets instead of the homeowners. 

You ARE Being Spied Upon!

BTW, for you skeptics who think your HOA isn’t capable of spying on your intimate behavior, be assured they can…and will. Homeowners Associations are all about monitoring intimate behavior and micro-managing your life. With that in mind, the story linked below might blow your mind.

It’s about a Texas family who discovered that someone was able to hack into an off-the-shelf baby monitor, eavesdrop on every sound in the house, and even manipulate the camera to take a look at things around the room, AND CALL THE BABY BY NAME!

A NY Wall Between The High Class And The Low Class

Builders of a ritzy high rise co-op in the big apple are raising eyebrows for figuring out how to lower their taxes from 22 million to just a half million dollars a year. Extell is building the fancy Upper West Side luxury tower where rich folks can buy a unit facing the Hudson River for 1.3 to 15.9 million dollars.

But New York has a tax loophole which gives millions and millions of dollars to developers who include a little bit of ‘affordable housing’ in their high rises. In exchange, developers get to jam more units into the development and offer those extra ones to the po’ folk. Extell will provide 55 low income units on the lower floors of the backside of the building, which face an alley.