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What If Helen Keller Lived In An HOA?

guest blog by Nila Ridings

Where do these pompous, perfect, self-centered, and heartless people come from?  Can we take up a donation and buy all of them a one-way ticket to Uranus?

Here comes Florida with more of their stupidity!  But this time, Broward County has stepped up and sued the HOA on behalf of Dorothy Davis because she is frail, blind, hard of hearing, and a ninety-year-old condo resident.  
Nittany is the German Shepard seeing eye dog that will be working for her.  Her nasty neighbors in the Southpoint Condominium Association claim the dog is a pet and yelled at it so much during the critical training period it is now afraid of people!
At her age, Dorothy didn’t need the harassment of these insensitive morons so she moved to Delray Beach. SMART LADY!  Leaving in her wake Southpoint owners who should be preparing to transfer their retirement savings over to her when the jury at the federal courthouse hands down their decision!  
Way to go, Dorothy!  Hats off to you, Broward County!

Doggie DNA! How Crazy Have We Gotten?

It had to come sooner or later, swab your doggie’s cheeks and turn it over to the HOA. They’re going to trace each ‘doggie lawn ornament’ through the DNA lab and then fine the doggie’s owner for what wasn’t picked up.

Life gets so strange. We have on record an HOA president who ordered all homeowners to have their dogs take a dump on one specific homeowner’s yard. (Vengeance?)

Typical Trickery

There’s yet another lawsuit in North Carolina involving an HOA’s use of phony bookkeeping to jam fees down the throat of an elderly homeowner.

Alan Elam says his family is being bullied by their Homeowners Association (so what’s new?).

Charlotte House HOA and William Douglas Management say HOA dues are late after 30 days. But when Elam is more then 10 days late, he gets fined. When he pays his dues, the fine is charged against next month’s rent which makes him automatically late for the next payment. The fines and late payments have added up to more than $10,000.

To Hell With The Handicapped!

It’s amazing to discover how few people know that Homeowners Associations routinely discriminate against the handicapped. Despite federal law against such discrimination, HOAs generally do what they dang well please. Once in a rare while HUD will file a lawsuit. Invariably that means a huge fine assessed against every member of the neighborhood. You can be a completely innocent homeowner and suddenly find tens of thousands of dollars assessed against your home because some idiot on the board did something stupid.  

This story is not about HOA discrimination, just the nastiness that routinely happens around families with disabled children.

Can They Really Take My Guns?

Can my Homeowners Association really take my guns away even if it’s without any mention on my lease or CC&Rs? Yes, they can and do. Across the country HOA boards have denied homeowners their Second Amendment right to bear arms many times. As I keep saying, HOAs are not subject to the U.S. Constitution so they can ban just about anything they want.

In a recent case in Texas a homeowner was hit with fines and threats of foreclosure because he ran a website where he sold guns. Mind you, not a single gun ever came through this property because the homeowner never received any shipments. 100% of his guns changed hands on the Internet.