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United Breaks Guitars

Eventually, all of us in this fight for homeowners rights get discouraged. The goal of educating other homeowners is frustrating. Often it seems impossible. We wonder how we can make even a little dent in the massive corruption that infests and characterizes the Homeowners Association movement.

But don’t ever doubt your power as a individual human being to change the world.

Back in 2009, Dave Carroll, a musician from Nova Scotia, was frustrated when his expensive Taylor guitar was severely damaged through the negligence of United Airlines. He was even more frustrated by the callous handling of his damage claim. He couldn’t fight back. But as a musician, he could write a song.

A Fiscal Tidal Wave Coming To America?

For several years I’ve warned readers of this website that this country is facing a massive fiscal crisis because of too many years of profligate spending. It’s not just the U.S. government, either. It’s China, Russia, Japan, Greece, Brazil, Portugal, Ireland and many others. Because these countries don’t back up their currencies with cold, hard assets, the value of these fiat currencies is whatever the respective government says it is. If a government overspends, then it just devalues its currency and uses inflation to lessen the pressure of its federal debt.

Confiscating Your Condo

The first part of the story linked below is interesting, but not earth-shaking. It’s about apartments that are converted to privately owned condos, and then back to apartments. It happens all the time. But what happens next should shake you to your boots!

If 75% of the condo owners want to sell to a developer who’s converting condos back to apartments, then screw the remaining 25%. They pretty much have to take whatever the developer offers, which is sometimes a fraction of what those condos were worth.

Way To Go, Indiana!!!

Yes, there’s good news here and there on the HOA front. Is Indiana the first state to take any intensive steps toward ending the HOA madness? ┬áIt’s beyond imagination to think that all fifty states aren’t considering cracking down on bully boards and lawn Nazis. Abuse of power is a vicious thing to have to endure. You wouldn’t believe the numbers of people who log onto this website and send me personal emails describing their own torment.

But look at some of the legislation either proposed or passed in Indiana. Maybe those Indy 500 rednecks aren’t going to take this HOA nonsense sitting down!

More & More Lawyers on the Homeowners’ Side!

Homeowners are gradually finding more lawyers willing to represent them against bully HOA boards. That’s great news. Along that line, a Florida law firm is aggressively advertising that it will take up cases of wronged homeowners. Their online ad is pretty good. We need at least one law firm like this in every state.

(link to Denmon & Denmon HOA ad)