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A Handicapped Youngster? Screw ’em!

Great guest post by Dave Russell yesterday, good enough that I’d like to add to it.

Around the country, Homeowners Associations continue to wildly discriminate against families with handicapped youngsters. They’re shunned, they’re fined, they’re labeled ‘bad people’ who aren’t allowed to use the common areas. These stories are as disgusting as they are endemic. And they should serve as a warning to any potential home buyer that HOA property is fundamentally diseased, unfit for Americans who believe in human rights.

Do You Really Believe In The 1st Amendment?

Many of our founding fathers believed so strongly in Freedom of Speech that there was no question it would be first in the Bill of Rights. Curiously, protection of religion was listed first, however I have to believe there were loud arguments that protection of speech should be listed first. For without Free Speech, there would be no religion, no right to peaceably assemble, no right to petition for redress of grievances. Free Speech was so incredibly important it’s doubtful that any other form of government could have come about without it.

How to be a Renegade in your HOA

guest blog by Deborah Goonan

In the festive spirit of the season, I thought it was time for a little HOA Humor. Here’s my list of how to have a little fun, stir up a bit of conflict, and make yourself infamous in the eyes of your HOA Board. Warning: could be hazardous to your health and your bank account. In the comments section, feel free to add suggestions of your own!

Paint your front door purple, without getting approval from the architectural control committee.

Leave your garbage can out on the curb more than 24 hours after trash pick up.

NJ Supreme Court: Upholds Free Speech in HOAs

guest blog by Deborah Goonan

In the recent landmark victory for HOA residents, Dublirer v. 2000 Linwood Avenue Owners Inc., Amicus Briefs were filed on behalf of both Plaintiff and Defendant. While CAI’s Amicus Brief filed on behalf of the defendant was not considered by the court, due to its late filing date, in this blog, for the sake of comparison, I will briefly summarize the opposing arguments, and offer my analysis.

Note to readers who may not be aware: In legalese, the term Common Interest Community (CIC) is used to encompass what we generically call HOAs: homeowners’ or condominium associations, cooperatives, master planned communities, and the like.