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Sneaky, Sneaky CAI! How do we fight these guys!

Years ago I wanted my attorney to attend an HOA board meeting just to listen to the crap that was going on. He said he could not. Really? He couldn’t represent my interests by attending in my place? Isn’t that a fixture in Constitutional law?


Now we see in black and white some really evil institutionalizing of this craziness in California law. And guess who supports it? All the California lawyers and legislators.

Dear Lord God? Jesus? Allah? Elohim? Yahweh? Alláh-u-Abhá?  El Shaddai? Jehovah? Whoever? Please teach me to avoid Homeowners Associations!

(link to blog urging legislators to ignore the Constitution

Cry Baby Cry

Guest Blog by Nila Ridings

Long ago we learned it’s no secret that HOAs despise children. Especially kids who ride bicycles, throw balls, want purple swing sets and playhouses, and now…even babies who cry! Little Peter Ronnevik cries like all healthy babies. However, he was living in a condo where he was not allowed to cry according to Peter’s neighbor. (Who refuses to allow his name to be published!)

Trust A Lawyer?!?!?!

Yikes! How can I say that having two brothers who are lawyers? And how can I say that after passing the LSAT and being offered a free ride through the University of Washington Law School?

I can say that as a forty-year journalist watching lawyers in court. Never trust a lawyer.

In the link below, a CAI lawyer has tried to simplify the ‘education’ process for prospective buyers. It’s a good step forward. But I like Nila Ridings idea of making all HOA home buyers sign an acknowledgement that each buyer isn’t really buying a home. He or she is buying shares of stock in a non-profit corporation where every single asset, every bank account, every stock account, every college education account is pledged as security to pay for each and every misdeed, miscalculation, embezzlement and lawsuit involving the HOA.

How Many Times Have We Heard The “Gambling Excuse?”

Egads! I can’t count the times when I’ve heard about an HOA board member or HOA manager stealing money to feed his or her gambling addiction. It’s stupid. What’s even more stupid is that 66 million homeowners across the country risk all their life savings by buying into Homeowners Associations in which embezzling is endemic. If you live in an HOA, there’s a massive chance someone you’ve entrusted with your money is chiseling.

Get out! Get out! Get out! Let the national HOA Scam collapse on itself.

(link to yet another criminal stealing your money)


Sometimes, There Are No Words!

Could this have been better handled?

(link to 100 year old woman evicted from her home)