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Tragic Loss Of Personal Rights

On this blog we rant and rave about the alarming loss of Constitutional rights in our covenant controlled communities. 65 million people have moved into these neighborhoods having no idea how arbitrary and illegal these petty dictatorships can be.

In tonight’s blog and link I’m going to stray way, way over the line and suggest that anyone concerned about the dramatic loss of our 240 year old Constitutional Republic watch a documentary that was published on YouTube a year ago.

Don’t Be Gay In A Texas HOA

One of the most fundamental problems with the American HOA system is that it actively encourages apathy among its residents. In a hostile neighborhood, homeowners are afraid of being targeted for public shaming or humiliation. It makes neighbors paranoid of each other, afraid to be activists. After all, most of us want to live in private homes in a human quest for peace and quiet. That, in turn, makes people unwilling to participate in the governing process. Stay home, don’t make waves, don’t stand out from the crowd. Beyond all else, don’t show up at HOA meetings.

Bam! That’s the dynamite!