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Nevada Trash!

There’s no other word to describe it. As the husband of a severely handicapped woman, I seethe with anger whenever I see abuse of the elderly, or abuse of the handicapped.

A lawsuit has just been filed in Las Vegas, Nevada by two handicapped elderly women, both military veterans, who are being hounded out of their HOA because they bought a van to accommodate their respective disabilities.

Illegal Handicap Van

Illegal Handicap Van

Board members of the Spanish Steps Lakeside – Park View Estates Homeowners Association have decided the van used by the women is an illegal commercial vehicle despite the fact that it has handicap placards. The women have endured two years of threats, fines, liens and lawsuits.

Warning Shot Over The HOA Bow!

A huge jury verdict in Nevada was just awarded to a homeowner against two HOA collection companies. Across the country many HOA boards assess minor fines and liens against homeowners and then turn the accounts over to their law firms for collection. It’s so tempting for an ambulance-chasing law firm to turn to the easy profits of debt collecting. It’s not unheard of for minor fines to turn into huge foreclosures. Law firms add so-called ‘collection costs’, legal fees, interest and other such nonsense onto nickel-and-dime fines. It’s enormously profitable for such lawyers to have a buddy down at the county offices when the properties are auctioned off for pennies on the dollar. A whole roomful of Las Vegas lawyers are in jail right now for similar racketeering convictions.

$50K Goal For GoFundMe And The Purple Playset

guest blog by Nila Ridings

The blog I wrote about the Raintree Lake HOA in Lee’s Summit, Missouri on August 10th mentioned discussions of a GoFundMe account for the Stout family legal defense. They are standing up and fighting against the HOA to keep their daughters’ purple playset.

Sure enough, somebody took the bull by the horns and set it up. The donations are rolling in. And the comments from some of the donors are VERY interesting. Even a Realtor is making mention of people being afraid to buy in HOAs. How many times have we heard that before?

Want to Keep You Entertained!

Yes, I want to keep all of you entertained and coming back to Neighbors At War. So forgive me if I’m reposting old material but I get a good belly laugh each time I hear this old Pete Seeger song. It’s so true for so many of us!

For a great history on Seeger’s Little Boxes hit, see the following:

(link to Little Boxes history)





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Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day I was going to post a very personal video I did back in my TV news reporting days. However, this email came in from Col. Robert Frank of Nevada. I think it’s more powerful than anything I could have written.

Dear Nevada Legislative & Constitutional Officers:

Memorial Day 2015.  It is the time for all to honor the 2,893,818
American military members who were combat killed, wounded or still missing in action since this unique Republic and Battleborn State was formed.