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A New Website Feature

I’m a total Rube Goldberg, so put me into a room with dials and meters and ramps and hammers and I’m quite likely to hammer together something very stupid-looking that might actually have some societal value.

On the opening splash page of Neighbors At War, there’s a category called “Resources.” Click that and you’ll find another “resources’ button. Tap that and you’ll see a list of crimes, like embezzlement, robbery, burglary, assault, and a dozen similar words. Clicking on each of these words brings up an automatic Google search. In other words, if you click ’embezzlement’…. in the background I secretly run the terms “Homeowner Association, property Association, Property Owner Association, HOA, POA, CID, CIC embezzlement.” That, hopefully, gives you some interesting numbers to show to a non-believer, someone you’re trying to rescue from ‘the dark side.’  The numbers are quite staggering…and convincing. And it’s certainly an interesting (but not necessarily perfect) research tool.

Jack English Is Loving Life Until The End

guest blog by Nila Ridings 

93 years old, living in the wilderness, splitting wood, and making violin bows.  Will that be you?  Or me?  Jack English has loved the wild areas of California since he was a young boy.  And his wife’s dying words and his sentimental heart led him back there with plans to stay until the end.
Jack mades me think of Dorothy.  She lived in my HOA.  When it was discovered the audits had not been done, and  $10,000,000.00 was unaccounted for, and the bills weren’t paid, and the houses were rotting before our eyes, Dorothy invited me in for a talk.  She was 93, frail, but with fight in her eyes.  In my mind’s eye, I can still see her sitting there in the power blue velveteen chair with her walker at arm’s length.  Her eyes were locked with mine.  As the tears ran down her cheeks she said, “Nila, if I was younger I would be fighting as hard as you are to get to the bottom of this, but I’m too old and too weak.  Something sinister is going on here; you know it and I know it.  If you don’t get this mess straightened out, I am going to figure out a way out of here!  I don’t want to spend another day of my life in this horrible nightmare of a homeowners association.”  Sadly, Dorothy ended up in a nursing home and not long ago I read her obituary.  It still makes me sad to think that Dorothy, at nearly a century old knew she was being ripped off, but she was helpless.  She could be nothing more than a victim and hand over her money every month.
It’s really refreshing to see Jack English’s story.  Knowing he was one elderly person who didn’t get caught in some HOA maintenance-provided propaganda sales pitch like so many other 80 and 90 year olds.  And, it’s a reminder that when we fight these HOA battles it is not just for ourselves.  It’s for all the Dorothy’s across this country who have no clue that when they bought into an HOA they signed away their twilight years into a hellish nightmare like they have never known in the decades they’ve lived before.  We must never forget that their silence doesn’t mean they are not fully aware of the corruption.  Father Time has just weakened them enough to make them easy prey for the HOA monster.
Now, take a look at what life at 93 and HOA-free can be!

Tinney And The Teenagers

guest blog by Nila Ridings

It’s refreshing to see this video and how 84 year old Tinney Davidson is impacting the teenagers on their way to school. She’s a widow now, but she and her husband started this daily routine together.
In the world of HOAs we see story after story about the restrictions that prohibit children from feeling welcome in their neighborhoods.  Perhaps if HOA Amerika took on a new attitude towards children, we just might see a few more videos like this someday?
These teenagers surprised Tinney so much on Valentine’s day it made her cry…happy tears!

OMG! Is Jill Schweitzer Trying To Kill The Phoenix Cash Cow?

guest blog by Nila Ridings
She’s a real estate broker on a mission and armed with a new website (  She sat on her HOA board and got her eyes opened to all the waste by property managers.  But her board was able to save her HOA $40,000 by getting their own bids, minus the “guidance” of any property manager.   
HOLY COW!  Michael Latz of Golden Valley Property Management says Jill needs to get away from the HOA herd.  He’s runnin’ this ranch and got this biddin’ business under control! (Wink, wink.)
Come to think of it, wouldn’t Jill make a stellar replacement in the Legislature for The Bimbo? State Representative Michelle Ugenti has made a mockery out of the legislative process in Arizona. Can we talk Jill Schweitzer into running?
That would actually be a legislative race that would be fun to watch!

Another Nevada Lawyer Bites The Big One

Gosh, I was another blogger who missed this story last month. But the total number of organized crime lawyers and contractors pleading guilty in the Nevada HOA racketeering trial now numbers 30. And those dirty 30 will be testifying against the 9. 

Don’t ever let a homeowner express doubt when you try to convince him or her that racketeering runs throughout the American HOA movement. The feds have nailed 39 crooks in this organized crime ring in Nevada. Believe me the true number in that state is actually in the thousands. And this web of HOA corruption infects and infests the rest of the states.