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What Kind Of Egg Hunt?

Some HOA photos really don’t need much comment. Others cry out for some kind of reaction. I don’t know anything about the Lakewood Springs Homeowners Association but millions of embattled homeowners would agree that this particular sign might be more descriptive than the HOA intends!

Huh? There’s Jews In The Neighborhood?

Anti-Semitism is vile wherever it pops up. If you’ve read my book, Neighbors at War, you’ll read how the modern HOA movement was started in 1964 just months after the Civil Rights Law was enacted. In other words, Homeowners Associations were started as ‘private clubs’ to keep Jews, Negroes, and Orientals out of white neighborhoods. The language of those whites-only sentiments can still be found in millions of real estate deeds across the country. 

A Special Thought for Christmas

Some, but not all, will get the message in the short video linked below. But it warmed my heart. And it’s one I’d like to share.



HOA Demands: No Sign Of God In Landscaping!

guest blog by Nila Ridings

We’ve seen the stories: No mezuzah allowed on the doors of the Jewish. No angels standing in the rock garden in remembrance of the deceased. Now, it’s no Buddhist symbols or crosses in the flower garden for Chris Bumann who lives in the Covington Bridge HOA in Spring, Texas.

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution says the government cannot restrict our free exercise of religion. Yet, homeowners associations in Texas have a law that states they can regulate religious symbols at the homes of their members. EXCEPT, it also says they have to be in compliance with the Texas and United States Constitutions.

LOL! Very, Very Funny!

Some news stories are so hilarious and beyond belief they don’t need embellishment.

A Homeowners Association in Orange County, California sponsors an annual fiction writing contest. The Rossmoor HOA says the contest is open to any member of the community with a good imagination and a yarn to tell. 

A suggestion: How about a piece of fiction about how peaceful the typical American Homeowners Association is? How about some fiction about the annual HOA meeting being a place where love and neighborliness dominate neighborhood affairs? 

On this Easter Sunday, 2013, I just wanted to bring you a good chuckle.