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Nice To See When A Lawyer Finally ‘Gets It’

Sure, this guy has his own vested interests and he can likely face criticism for lobbying for one side over another. But he’s right about the Legislative conflicts-of-interest that have left Floridians with some of the worst HOA laws in the country.  Florida wouldn’t have faced a fraction of its recent housing bubble if these laws hadn’t been in place.

So, like him or not, this lawyer needs to be heard. I just wish he’d thrown around some words like ‘corruption’ and ‘Las Vegas style HOA scandal.’ Betcha dollars-to-donuts, the Feds could nail ten times as many swindlers with a West Boca Grand Jury investigation.

Jan Bergemann, Our Hero!

Jan Bergemann describes himself as a retired chef from Germany. I’ve never tasted his recipes but I have long admired his hubris in standing up to the national disgrace known as Homeowners Associations.

Jan, not in a million years would I have thought this bill would pass out of the Florida Legislature’s Rules Committee. How the heck did you pull this off? Florida has some of the worst HOA nightmare stories in the country. But somehow, someone, somewhere is starting to pay attention.


Still, I remain a skeptic about this bill actually becoming law. If it does, I’ll start a movement to build a monument to Cyber Citizens For Justice (

Thank You, Hackers! Thank You!!!

It’s been an interesting evening just casually surfing around the Internet. Haven’t done that for awhile. There’s just too much work involved in researching and writing my daily blog to go back to the casual surfing that I used to do.

But I’ve noticed that the recent hacker attacks that took down and trashed my website have actually ended up scattering 300 to 500 of my past web posts all over the Internet! My old webposts used to be pretty well organized and confined just to But a search of “ward lucas” or “ward lucas hoa” show that the “gods of the Internet” never forget anything. And a trashed website actually leads to multiple sites around the world spreading the message of our Homeowners Rights Movement.

Looking Into The Face Of Evil

There’s just no other way to put this, but the Community Associations Institute, along with its blood brothers including Associa, run by Texas State Senator John Carona, are just ugly institutions. Not illegal. Just ugly.  And every American homeowner needs to be educated to avoid the kinds of financial assaults that have victimized thousands of homeowners across the country.

Hoo Boy! Let The Lawsuits Begin!

It’s hard to sue the government. In fact, the federal government actually has to give an injured party permission to sue. Some states have imposed a maximum limit on how much an injured litigant can win in a lawsuit against the state.  Colorado, for example, passed a law saying no prevailing party can win more than $250,000 in damages.

Well, that’s changing in the most unexpected ways.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that as tax revenue dries up, and police layoffs occur, wealthier neighborhoods are hiring private security companies to replace the lost police officers.