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Some Much-Needed Humor!

Please, please forgive me for this. But tonight’s post has nothing to do with Homeowners Associations. OK, maybe I can stretchhhh to make it fit. It happens inside a home. The star is a dog. Now, many readers know that I occasionally refer to certain lawyers as dogs.

But I love dogs…a lot. And I miss my Irish Setter who I lost a few years ago.

Also…the dog in this video is a heck of a lot smarter and more honest than many HOA lawyers.


(link to the world’s best-trained dog!)


Las Vegas Review-Journal is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

Finally, I’ve found something written by reporter Jeff German to be dead wrong. You’ll think it’s a minor point, but I think it’s huge. However, I still think it would be a sin not to award this journalist the Pulitzer for his stories on the massive organized crime network that stole more than 60 million dollars from Las Vegas Homeowners.

German will think his error is small, but he might even end up agreeing with me. The misstatement is contained in the fourth paragraph linked below. The story is about the last criminal in the HOA swindle being sentenced to three years in prison after the prosecutor asked for 21 years in prison. More horrible sentencing by a Federal Judge.

Outrageous! Shutting Down Heat to the Whole HOA???

 guest blog by Deborah Goonan, (Independent American Communities)

Another week, another outrageously unbelievable story involving a condo association. This one is in Aurora, Colorado.

Not long ago, I told you about a condo association in Ohio that has not repaired their central heating system for many months. Today I am sharing a video report from Fox 31 Denver, about Cedar Crest Condominiums. Residents – many of them tenants – have been without central heat since late October.

Rob Low of Fox 31 reports that residents are using space heaters and their ovens in order to heat their apartments.

A Must-Read by a Florida HOA Lawyer

I post links whenever I hear of an interesting story. This one is MUST-READ! It’s written by a Florida lawyer who talks about how corrupt lawyers in the HOA system are. You’d think that the average legislator would read such a post and demand that the laws be changed. But they never do. To me, it just points to the out-of-control corruption that infests the legal industry and the legislatures in every state.

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” -Shakespeare (King Henry VI)

(link to blog by Florida HOA lawyer)


More & More Lawyers on the Homeowners’ Side!

Homeowners are gradually finding more lawyers willing to represent them against bully HOA boards. That’s great news. Along that line, a Florida law firm is aggressively advertising that it will take up cases of wronged homeowners. Their online ad is pretty good. We need at least one law firm like this in every state.

(link to Denmon & Denmon HOA ad)