HOA Controversies Finally Getting Media Attention

I cannot remember a time in my 40 years as a journalist when so many broadcast stations were discussing abuse of homeowners by their own Homeowners Associations. Denver, Las Vegas, Houston, San Antonio, Florida, Virginia, North and South Carolina. Talk show hosts are inviting homeowners’ rights advocates to join them on the air, newspaper columnists are finally standing up to the incredible falsehoods being spread by those who profit from managing HOAs or supplying lawyers to sue homeowners over incredibly minor infractions.

Florida & California are best at creating Zombie HOAs

guest blog by Deborah Goonan

When I read the article about zombie California suburbs in the Atlantic last week (link below), I realized that Florida is not the only zombie state. Check out the article and the photographs. Haven’t we been told that HOAs are “sustainable” land planning – an efficient use of scarce, but valuable resources? I’d say we’ve been hoodwinked.

A New HOA Book Comes Out

More and more people who’ve been burned by their Homeowners Associations are going public with their horror stories. The latest is from a resident of Las Vegas, Robert Stern. His book is entitled, “HOA Wars: What Happens in Vegas Can Happen Anywhere.”

Stern owns several houses in different parts of the country. But because he travels among them he’s run afoul of HOA boards that raise complaints that a Stern home isn’t being properly maintained. This, despite the fact that he pays dues which are supposed to pay for property maintenance. For retired people (who are often the ones targeted by abusive HOAs) being a snowbird can be dangerous. Some HOAs, notably in Nevada, have actually outlawed homeowners who aren’t full time residents.