Don’t be a Christian in a Homeowners Association!

I’ve said it before: If you live in an HOA keep your religion to yourself. The mindless, self-absorbed bullies who rise to the top in a typical Homeowners Association think it’s OK to harass people for their Jewishness, their Christianity, their sexual orientation, their race or age.

Keep in mind that HOA board members and management companies always know exactly how much equity is in your home. The more equity you have, the bigger a target you are.

Interesting Memorial Day

No HOA news to pass on tonight. Lots more in the days to come.

I spent this Memorial Day watching D-Day documentaries. Kids today just have no idea how the Greatest Generation planned the biggest hoax and the greatest military invasion in world history. The landings in Normandy were accomplished only through two years of inventing ways of hiding two million Allied soldiers from Nazi spies. Absolutely beyond description and a work of pure genius.

D-Day is about 12 days away. In advance of that I’m listing some fascinating links below. The first link is a very abbreviated look at this incredibly secret military operation.

Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day I was going to post a very personal video I did back in my TV news reporting days. However, this email came in from Col. Robert Frank of Nevada. I think it’s more powerful than anything I could have written.

Dear Nevada Legislative & Constitutional Officers:

Memorial Day 2015.  It is the time for all to honor the 2,893,818
American military members who were combat killed, wounded or still missing in action since this unique Republic and Battleborn State was formed.

Whew! HOA Fraud in Canada? “Say it ain’t so, Joe!”

Dang! I have friends in Canada and I think of Canadians being so much more gentile and honest than Americans. But then, I seem to be selling a lot of books in Ontario so maybe I’m wrong.

But one of the biggest thefts I’ve read about is a 4.1 million dollar embezzlement from a condo association in that Province. A man who managed 13 condominium operations in Hamilton and Burlington just swiped a little at a time from each one of them over five years. That’s almost a million bucks a year. Not bad work if you can get it.

“Frickin’ Faggots!”

Dang, I hate using that word. But like the so-called ‘n-word’ it’s bandied about freely in Homeowners Associations. Most HOAs have long-existing deed restrictions which prohibit sales of homes to minorities. Those restrictions, of course, have long been outlawed by the U.S. Supreme Court, but does that stop discrimination? If you think so, you’ve gotta be kidding yourself.

A gay couple in the Monte Sereno Homeowners Association in Palm Springs is being targeted for ‘special’ treatment. One of them, Ken Seeley, is a star on the A&E show, ‘Intervention.’ Once or twice a month he has friends and co-workers over to watch the show. The HOA now says those gatherings are ‘business related’ and home businesses are outlawed by this HOA.