The Army Is Growing!

Never in a million years would I have seen this coming. But In Florida hundreds of people are marching against the HOA scam. Florida’s HOAs commit more crimes and have more criminals than the national prison population. But to actually see homeowners who have the guts to march is really heartening. I love these guys!

(Miami Herald story on anti-HOA march)


Florida Condo Con-man Admits It

I’ve posted on this idiot before. But tonight’s post is about his admission in court that he stole a fortune from his neighbors. He even used his neighbors’ money to buy himself a car. More than a half million dollars stolen and he gets 25 hours community service? Egads, will we never learn?

(The creep from Fort Lauderdale)



Any Question They’re Fascist?

A new reader on this blog has asked me to post a link to his neighborhood’s struggle. I’m happy to do it, mostly since it demonstrates once again that Homeowners Associations are fascist dictatorships in which homeowners completely give up their property rights.

Stonegate Village Metropolitan District is in Douglas County, Colorado. The Metro District wants to take away the neighborhood activities center and turn it into offices for its own employees. It’s fascinating reading, but here’s a related and intriguing note:

HOA Embezzling, Ho Hum

If you ever get bored of me telling you about embezzling by Homeowners Association board members, just let me know. But maybe each one of these stories will encourage some young couple to decide against HOA life.

Here’s another trio who not only stole tens of thousands of dollars, but stole two tractors owned by the Richland Township Homeowners Association.


Even their mug shots look creepy.

(link to story in The Tribune Democrat)


Senator Jonathan!

Homeowners in Nevada are about to get some wonderful news. The state’s most famous homeowners’ advocates is going to run for a position in the Nevada State Senate.

Those of you who know Jonathan Friedrich know he’s aggressive, smart, and a man without fear. You can slander him, smear him, threaten him, but like the Energizer Bunny he keeps going and going and going.  He knows the corrupt Homeowners Association scam as well as anybody. He’s seen it all and can carry our message into the top layers of government in the most corrupt state in the country.