The Hydra Begins to Emerge

In Greek mythology, the Hydra was a terrifying sea monster that had many heads and used them to devour innocent seafarers. Our hero, Heracles, forced the Hydra into the open and began chopping off its heads. But each time a head was severed two new ones grew back. It seemed like a hopeless task but Heracles was undaunted. He finally figured out that if he used a torch to cauterize each severed limb they failed to regrow.

My Evan McKenzie Confession

As a lifetime broadcast journalist, I sometimes did some odd things as I negotiated my way through the low ranks of radio journalism into the top ranks of TV journalism. One odd thing that became a habit was ‘snooping’ on the reading habits of my supervisors. Really! Whenever I was called into the office of a supervisor I would carefully note which books I saw on his or her desk. When a book is recommended by upper management you can usually see copies on the desks of each of your managers. I used to carry a tiny notepad into the boss’s office and write down the names of books and authors that various managers were reading. It seemed a clever and calculated thing to do, just to track what management was thinking at any given time. It’s how I can across, “Winning through Intimidation” by Robert Ringer and “How To Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Carnegie. I ALWAYS bought and read copies of the books I saw on the boss’s desk.

George’s Take on the Amateur Radio Parity Act

We have some really great minds in our movement. But when you ask the experts who’s in the top three… George Staropoli’s name inevitably comes up. That’s why I’m asking all of you to check out the link below, in which George discusses the Community Association Institute’s fight against the right of ham radio operators to operate in Homeowners Associations. When trying to explain to your attorney or your legislator how insidious and deceptive the CAI really is, include a printout of George’s analysis. It’s short, but it’s amazing insight.

(CAI flexes its muscle in Congress arguing Constitutional law and judicial review)

Good Luck New York!

When Attorneys General fail to protect their Citizens

guest blog by Shelly Marshall (author of HOA Warrior I and II)

On January 4, 2016 Andy Beshear took an oath for the office of Attorney General (AG) in Kentucky. He told Kentuckians in a column on :

The Attorney General’s Office seeks justice and defends the oppressed. We provide a voice for the voiceless and a lifeline for the lost and the lonely, the abandoned and the forgotten.

We protect those who cannot protect themselves and are the last line of defense to those who need it most.

Great Column on Action Against HOA Board Members

LA Times columnist Donie Vanitzian scores another big one with today’s column on correctly petitioning to remove HOA board members! With her permission, it’s copied and linked below:

guest blog by Donie Vanitzian (c)


Owners at our homeowner association are frustrated. For three years, we’ve been
trying to recall our five-director board, fire the management company and obtain a forensic audit. The board’s attorney and management either ignore our petitions or invalidate them. Directors laugh, “You wrote the petition wrong” or “We weren’t served.” Please explain how to do this properly to withstand invalidation.