Dallas HOA Still Affected by Internal Strife

guest blog by Deborah Goonan

A few months ago, a County Judge dismissed a case brought by Highlands of McKamy HOA against the Toras Chaim congregation. The small Orthodox Jewish congregation thought its battle was over, and then the City of Dallas sued the congregation over permit violations. That case is still pending.

Now, the same HOA community is back in the news, this time regarding a dispute between a homeowner and the Association over a brick wall that was inexplicably torn down, without notice, from the rear border of his yard. That left the affected homeowner’s back yard wide open to a busy road and nearby railroad tracks, significantly increasing noise levels and eliminating privacy.

Disaster Relief for HOA Members? Ha!

I’m linking to the CAI site only for the purpose of backing up a previous blog.

If you are living in a Homeowners Association which experiences a weather or earthquake disaster, don’t count on getting federal help of any kind. An HOA member hit by a flood is not considered a homeowner, but an investor in a corporation. When 20,000 homes were damaged in the Boulder flood two years ago, many homeowners discovered they were flat out of luck. Those inside HOAs found that FEMA wouldn’t help them and they couldn’t get federal loans. They couldn’t buy federal flood insurance either because they didn’t live inside recognized flood zones. Who knew Boulder Creek could ever launch that big a flood?

Big Website Changes

Starting today, Google is making some huge changes that could cause millions of websites to seem to vanish from search engines. Since 60% of all website access is now from mobile devices, many websites, including this one, will be substantially downgraded in their ability to stay in contact with regular readers.

Believe me, we are working hard to make our website acceptable to Google. That will necessitate a complete change in the look of Neighbors At War. It also means we’ll be offline for at least a day as we make the changes. That’ll happen very soon, but I’ll give you as much advance notice as possible.