Get The Embezzling Message Across!

Slowly, very slowly, members of Homeowners Associations are discovering that the basic design of American HOAs is fundamentally and profoundly flawed. The system encourages embezzling. The system of double-checks that marks all traditional governments was just never built into the HOA system.

The latest alleged embezzlement was only discovered by accident. More than a quarter million bucks is missing from an Arizona HOA and each homeowner is going to be straddled with special assessments. “Gosh, I thought Homeowners Associations protected property values?”


Buy into a Homeowners Association and risk your life savings. That’s just the way it is.

This Could Be Interesting!

Lots of negativity in the HOA world. But on the other side of the fence there’s an interesting plea which we could actually network into something positive.

Anyone who knows someone in the San Antonio area please pay attention.

The word is that there’s a retired Air Force pilot who’s battling leukemia. The city has threatened to fine him because his grass is too high. There may be some other issues as well. Obviously, his health is preventing him from mowing his yard himself, but a family member who lives elsewhere in the country is trying to find someone or some agency which can help this fellow.

These Homeowners Will Lose A Bundle

Ever heard of Keizer? It’s a small community next to Interstate 5 in Central Oregon. And homeowners in the McNary Estates Homeowners Association are about to end up in a giant bloodbath because of stupid HOA leaders. And I mean Stoopid, with a capital ‘S.’

How many times do we hear of HOAs breaking state and federal law protecting handicapped people? You can’t discriminate against them. It’s blatantly illegal and it’s almost an automatic jury verdict of millions. Now, with the mistreatment of the family of a disabled girl, the family has filed a lawsuit. This HOA essentially chased this tragic family out.

My HOA Protects My Property Values!

Well, Bunky, that’s the biggest lie you’ll ever hear.

Several years ago, I warned all of you about the pending crash of the Las Vegas housing market. It happened exactly as I predicted. At the heart of the problem is the government’s reliance on Homeowners Associations to perform traditional government functions and services. All HOA contracts are corrupt at their core. They were a flawed model from the start, and what’s going on in Las Vegas foreshadows what’s coming for the rest of the nation.

Rare, Rare, Rare Embezzling Arrest!

Whoa! This doesn’t happen very often. But apparently there’s so much fraud and embezzlement from Miami condo owners that police are making a tentative attempt at cracking down. The link below shows an arrest by a special police squad formed to combat condo embezzlement.