Lawyers and HOAs

Ward Lucas   November 24, 2015   No Comments on Lawyers and HOAs

HOAs are lawsuit machines, not a doubt in my mind. And keeping neighborhoods all stewed up is all about full-time employment for lawyers. With that in mind, you’ll be stunned reading a column in last week’s USA Today.

(link to column on the lawyer cartel)


Texas Clock Boy is Back, For All The Wrong Reasons

Well, I’m no longer a fan of the so-called ‘Ahmed, the Clock Kid.’ He’s the Texas 14-year-old who assembled a clock and thought it was cool enough to show his science teacher. In our no-tolerance world a kid can’t even point his finger and say “bang, bang” without the police being called. When the cops started interrogating Ahmed about whether the clock was a bomb, it became a viral sensation. He was solicited by colleges, got an invitation to the White House.

Is Democracy Disappearing in the U.S.?

Deborah Goonan is one of the most learned and articulate people in the country on the subject of Homeowners Associations. She, along with Nila Ridings, have expressed major concern about a wacky situation in Pagedale, Missouri, where the city has taken on the role of HOA lawn Nazis. It’s so far over the line that it has even attracted a lawsuit by the Institute for Justice. Her column on her own blog (linked below) is a critical subject for all of us.

(is democracy disappearing in the US?)



Sneaky HOA Trick in Baton Rouge

Ah, the HOA movement has some pretty sneaky moves in some parts of the country. The Times-Picayune column linked below talks about how homeowners get together to form a neighborhood crime district in Baton Rouge. Theoretically, they hire an unneeded security guard or two, then BAM! They’re suddenly in a Homeowners Association.

Pay special attention to this guy’s third paragraph.

(link to Times-Picayune article on crime districts)