Seething Over Solar Seems Senseless In Kehrs Mill Estates

guest blog by Nila Ridings
Most of our readers can relate to being an activist working towards changes in America’s HOAs. We understand being passionate about sharing our knowledge of the abuses and corruption. We can relate to Frances and Jim Babb in many ways. For one, they live in an HOA. And they are strong supporters of solar energy. They believe it is right for America for many reasons. And it’s the most efficient way for them to provide energy to their upscale Victorian mansion in Clarkson Valley; a posh Saint Louis suburb.The Saint Louis Dispatch stated, “The Babbs’ ordeal has turned Frances Babb into a advocate. She’s lobbied state legislators over the past year for the Senate Bill 579, which bars homeowners associations from prohibiting solar energy.” The bill passed. End of the story…or is it? No, it isn’t.

The Babbs requested approval for the installation of the solar panels from their HOA board at Kehrs Mill Estates. There was no response within the time allowed by their CC&Rs. Next they applied for a permit from the City of Clarkson Valley where they ran into a snag that ultimately had to be resolved with litigation and a great deal of nonsense. The Babbs prevailed. The City of Clarkson Valley appealed the court’s decision but were again ordered to issue the permit. The Babbs installed the solar panels and looked forward to living in peace while setting a trend towards using cleaner energy and doing their part to make America less dependent on Arab oil.

Stunning Letter from Vietnamese Immigrant!

guest blog by Shelly Marshall (author of HOA Warrior)

As an advocate and author for the rights of homeowners, I hear many sad tales in the association wars. People want to talk, write, fight back, find solutions. They call and ask, “What can I do, where do I start?” And there is little, on a national scale, at this time to tell them.

It seems hopeless at times because of the power of the vendors represented by the CAI and law firms that work for the board in opposition to the homeowner. The county officials who abdicate their responsibilities so they may collect taxes without providing services to the homeowner make our struggle seem even more futile.

Can an HOA Board Keep Homeowners Out?

These stories just get wilder and harder to believe. The video linked below is beyond shocking. The only good news is that newspapers and TV stations are using HOA horror stories as regular features. Yep, it’s going to be a bad, bad time for these HOA board officers.