Wild Corruption In Nevada!!!

OK folks! I’ve been an investigative reporter for forty years. And during that time thousands upon thousands of documents have been released to me. Oh, there’ve been two or three that were held back, but always because of some extraneous circumstance usually relating to a name a prosecutor or a judge wanted held back for personal or political reasons. And we usually found a higher judge who ordered the documents released.

Disparate Impact Now The Law

As predicted here many months ago, the U.S. Supreme Court was in a position to issue a ruling that could have a massive impact on Homeowners Associations. It has now ruled that ‘disparate impact’ in discrimination IS discrimination. In other words, even if a neighborhood didn’t know it was actually discriminating against protected classes, if the impact’s outcome meant the protected person felt he was a victim of discrimination he probably was. It’s a hammer blow to the brains of lenders, insurers and Homeowner Associations that felt they could discriminate at random just by trying to prove they weren’t really trying to discriminate.

Intriguing Massachusetts Court Decision

I’m not smart enough to figure out all the implications of this decision. It has to do with collections of HOA and Condo fees by law firms and how they may violate the letter of federal law governing Fair Debt Collection.

If you’re as attention deficit disordered as I am, you can quickly skip down to the section entitled “Implications of the McDermott decision to get a general sense of what this decision could mean nationally.

If this decision spreads to other states, it might be a ticklish time for HOA lawyers to get into the collection business. They just might find themselves hit with massive damage suits.

Lemons And Float Away Living

guest blog by Nila Ridings

It’s been awhile since we took a break from HOAs and let our thoughts float out to Tiny House living. If living in a Tiny House is not your dream the tremendous energy those who are putting it in the spotlight should be motivation to keep going as an HOA Warrior. It hasn’t been all that long ago only a handful of people knew anything about Tiny Houses. But the promoters of their movement have waved their magic wands and today it’s rare to meet someone that has never heard of them. Proof positive that perseverance produces exposure for options on housing sources!

Just Another HOA Thief

guest blog by Nila Ridings

No surprises here. HOAs and condo associations are nothing more than a thieves’ paradise. A simple internet search or glancing through neighborsatwar.dot com will reveal the massive numbers of thefts by HOA board members and HOA managers. The penalty…maybe a few days of community service and a little “talking to” by the judge and they are punishment free.

Here’s one in Still Meadows Condominium Association in Severn where Wanda Brooks could hardly shuffle into the courtroom with her walker but she was able to dine out, get her hair done, pay utilities, and buy gas on the HOA credit card.