Legislative Shenanigans in Arizona

guest blog by Dave Russell

Here’s more background to the enactment of Arizona’s SB 1482 which will profoundly impact homeowners across the state.

You need to look no further than the “stakeholders” of the bill: The Arizona Association of Realtors, CAI and the Arizona Association of Community Managers, all of which have formed an alliance here in Arizona.

This was a bunch of individual bills all log-rolled into one. Individually, each one of these groups would never have let most of this pass.

The CAI convinced the Arizona Association of Realtors “that if we all work together, everyone can get what they want.” You know, except for the homeowners living in HOAs.

Marketing of HOAs

guest blog by Beanie Adolph

Incredible! How can something so destructive of family life and of the American system of governance continue to dominate American housing?  MARKETING! Chant the lie over and over:  HOAs protect property values. THEY DON’T!  Promise Utopia but hide the reality.  Deny every plea for full disclosure – for openness.  In 2004, two realtors were discussing on an industry blog how to ensure a buyer knew “what he was getting into” and concluded “…if ALL the potential pitfalls are enumerated, no one in his right mind would purchase.”

Poisonous Plants & HOA Liability

There’s not a wooded area in America that doesn’t have poisonous plants. But can you be sued if somebody trespasses on your property and eats a poisonous plant? Just think “tort lawyers.” Of course you can be sued.

Donie Vanitzian, a columnist for the LA Times, is one of the early giants in the fight against abusive HOAs. And a recent column of hers tackled the question of liability.