I love you, Dr. Solomon!

I don’t mean that in a romantic way, in fact I’ve never met the guy. It’s just meant to grab your attention.

Dr. Gary Solomon is one of the heroes in the HOA Warrior movement. He’s spent a ton of money trying to educate stupid homeowners about the dangers of life in a Homeowners Association. Who else pays for highway billboards to warn people about HOA Syndrome?

Anyway, this is his latest! And I have NEVER seen a website better designed than this. Solomon is a genius. And he obviously loves his fellow man.

Cynthia Stephens's photo.

Light At The End Of The Quivira Falls Tunnel

guest blog by Nila Ridings

Today, I had lunch with one of the escapees from Quivira Falls Community Association. Sixteen years of his life was spent in this rotten hellhole. He finally walked away and let the place foreclose. Only to say today he wishes he had done it years ago.

He tried for years to see the financial records. Filing a pro se lawsuit produced no results. When it rained, the hillside between his and his neighbor’s front door washed mud all over his sidewalk. It was often times over an inch deep so walking to the door resulted in muddy shoes. The front door has big pieces of peeling paint to greet visitors.

Vile HOAs Finally Attract Lawmakers’ Attention

Well, well. A North Carolina legislator has introduced a bill that would strip Homeowners Associations of their ability to foreclose on homes. It won’t pass, of course. The lobbying powers that profit from the HOA business will pour millions of dollars into defeating any such bill anywhere in the country.

Still, it’s interesting that HOA abuses and bully boards are entering the collective consciousness of American homeowners.

(link to North Carolina proposal)