Idaho Is Latest State To Wake Up To Abusive HOAs

As I’ve said before, the biggest avalanche begins with a tiny grain of ice slipping down the hillside. Well, beginning next week we’ll witness another chunk of ice becoming unstable. And the beneficiaries will be homeowners in Idaho.

The Gem State has a new law that will begin to reign in some of HOA abuses of homeowners. No longer can a single board member slam his or her weight around a neighborhood bullying people over minor violations. From now on each violation and fine can’t be levied unless a majority of the board approves.

We Need Their Email Addresses!

A California Homeowners Association, The Lake of the Pines HOA,  is up in arms because an old war veteran uses his garage to build furniture for military families who can’t afford to buy their own.

He’s been building and donating the furniture for a decade. He makes no profit at all. But his HOA says he’s not allowed to use any part of his property to cut wood, sand, paint, or screw. (Yes, I know I’m overlooking a fun comment about that last line, but I’m resisting the urge).

Separate Doors For The Rich & Poor

This story was outrageous when we first heard about it last year. It’s even more hideous now that New York officials have formally approved it. But the builders of luxury condominiums will be allowed to send residents of ‘affordable living’ units through the back door.

I still remember the segregated water fountains in my grade school in Texas. And I frequently asked my parents questions they had trouble answering.

But when the ritzy buildings go up in New York along with the required amount of affordable dwellings, all those ‘po folk’ will have to enter the building through a separate entrance. Can we say, “separate but equal?” That sure has an ugly sound to it.