CAI To Wage Battle In Massachusetts

Expect a ton of money to be poured into the pockets of Massachusetts legislators over the next week. What’s up? The State Senate has agreed to a ‘common sense’ bill to order condo associations to pay the legal costs of homeowners who have to sue to get financial records.

A homeowner has an absolute right to see the association’s financial documents, budgets and insurance policies. It’s basic common sense, especially for homeowners who are trying to sell their homes and move out. Mortgage companies require it. The current law mandates that those records be made available. But there’s no penalty for corporate deviants who decide they’re above such puerile requirements.

Wow! Good Numbers!

It’s so fitting to be able to write this after two incredibly strong guest blogs by George Staropoli and Deborah Goonan. But sometime over the past 48 hours we passed another readership milestone. In the 12 month running average we have now surpassed 400,000 readers and more than 3.2 million pages of material read.

I haven’t tallied up all the readers since this website began, but I know by now it’s well over a million. So, together we really are reaching people.

Not Just HOAs! ALL Of You!

guest blog by Deborah Goonan

There may be a tendency on the Neighbors At War website to concentrate on warning people in Homeowners Associations. But that may be too narrow a scope.

Don’t limit our audience to HOA owners. Include tenants, who make up more than 30% of HOA residents in many communities. Include home and condo buyers, particularly those who are looking for a home and true quality of life.

Savvy real estate investors who really want the HOA model and know how to work the system: We can leave them out of the equation.