Damn That Old Timed Religion!

There’s nothing that angers an HOA board or management company more than the discovery that a homeowner believes in Jesus or the Virgin Mary. Well, I take it back, any expression of belief in Judaism also pops their gaskets.

Enock and Ines Berluche, a couple in the Shingle Creek Reserve in Kissimmee, Florida have been battling their HOA over the past year because the HOA says it doesn’t allow yard statuary. You couldn’t tell that by driving through the neighborhood, of course. Lots of homeowners violate the “no yard art” rule with garden frogs, cherubs and statues of Greek goddesses showing (can I say it?) bare boobs. There was even an ‘illegal’ fountain on the lawn of the HOA president.

The Rental Restriction Quandary in Residential HOAs

guest blog by Deborah Goonan

One of the most controversial battles in residential HOAs and Condos centers on rental restrictions. This blog analyzes the arguments for and against rental restrictions in HOAs, and why the ratio of tenants to owners in Associations has become a hot button issue.

The argument against rental restrictions

How to Create Conflict & Drama in Your Community

guest blog by Deborah Goonan

A Tongue-in-Cheek Guide for HOA Boards & Managers

1.     Create as many rules as you can, the pickier, the better.

a.     Be sure to create rules in closed session rather than an open meeting.

b.     Optional: provide an announcement of the new rules only AFTER you  have put them in effect. Then ignore any objections.

c.      Rules created hastily as a knee-jerk reaction are guaranteed to cause maximum conflict.

2.     Be inconsistent about enforcing the rules.

a.     Allow friends and family to break rules. They will help you stay in power.