Ward Lucas on HOA Madness

Voices regarding HOA Horrors …

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Rants From Lost Wages by James Alexander

Homeowners Association Meeting Gone Bad

You are out of order!

Veteran Not Allow to Fly Flag

Another Flag Fight in Georgia

Evicted Because of Bushes

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A Nice Lady, but Clueless
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    1. Ward Lucas Post author

      Hi David. Best answer: pay your dues before you pay for groceries, property taxes, mortgage, the traffic ticket. Many, many homes have been taken when someone is just a few days overdue. In my book, I document the case of a Florida woman whose house was seized over an inadvertent shortfall of just 78 cents! The judge eventually gave her back the house, because it was proven the HOA hadn’t even waited a full thirty days.
      Your HOA has a super priority loan on your house, which means they can take it faster than the mortgage company.

  1. Rebecca

    Living in a HOA community is like living in a NAZI Camp. They are very corrupt and rob the homeowner of their civil rights and their equity. Homeowners have no consumer protection from state or federal agencies that should regulate these quasi government run industries. They are out of control and driven by profit and power. America supposed economic dream is an economic nightmare and financial trap.

  2. TCR

    If you live in an HOA you better be sure to always keep enough money around to hire a lawyer with because god knows you’re going to need one! And assume your HOA dues will constantly go up (but your pay won’t) because that’s part of the ugly reality too. Gradually, you will become impoverished by rising HOA dues and paying for lawyers. Sell and get out of your house in an HOA if you can.

  3. Nila Ridings

    Excellent advice TCR!

    I’ve lived in an HOA for 10 years. I paid cash for the townhouse. When I average what I have spent on legal bills in the past 8 years it’s over $500 per month amortized over 10 years. Add the HOA dues to that and I could have purchased another home. A non-HOA home and lived happily ever after. Now with the repairs and improvements I’ve done on this townhouse to sell it my loss with be $200,000.

    Welcome to the world of HOAs and never believe they help maintain property values. I know first-hand, for-a-fact, that is absolutely not true.

    The other downside of selling and getting out means you must find another sucker to take your place in HOA HELL. For me, that does not feel good.


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