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The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association

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Neighbors at War: The Creepy Case of Your Home Owners Assocaition

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Neighbors at War! tells about the growing crisis in the modern HOA movement and lays out one of the only strategies to stop the coming collapse of the covenant-controlled neighborhood.  Your freedom really is at risk! Your personal wealth is at risk. Your Constitutional rights are being secretly shredded! And it’s all legal.

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There are 310,000 Homeowners Associations in America. Sixty two million homeowners have discovered, often to their dismay, that they now belong to an entirely different form of government, one they never expected. Almost all new housing developments are inside these private compounds and in many places it’s impossible to buy a house not governed by a private HOA board. In effect, traditional government is now forcing homeowners into these HOA compounds, and once inside, it’s often impossible to leave with your finances intact.

Longtime investigative reporter Ward Lucas examines the new housing and has some startling revelations about how this changing landscape is impacting Americans.

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Because of razor-thin authors’ commissions, a true money-back guarantee is really impossible in the publishing industry. Still, there’s one guarantee I can and will make. If you honestly believe you learned nothing new from my book, if you were not entertained, shocked or motivated, then send the book back to me. At my cost I will then re-mail it to an American lawmaker in my campaign to bombard them with HOA books.

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