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You Can’t Go Home Again

Often, when I’m writing or researching material to post on this column, I find myself feeling a little down, knowing how many people have lost their homes or their peace-of-mind while trying to do battle with the scandalously corrupt Homeowners Association movement. I get hundreds of emails each day from people who’ve lost their homes or their net worth while trying to battle a movement that operates completely outside the guarantees of the First, Second and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution. Yes, as many of you know it can be a little depressing. Still, I’m not a negative personality. I always look for hope and pray for change.

Finally, A Bill Of Rights!

Wow, it looks like Jonathan Friedrich (the best friend a Nevada Homeowner ever had) has been busy since his appointment to the state Comittee which oversees Homeowners Associations.

I include his proposed Bill of Rights below just because it deserves to to be talked about. My only objection is, “We have these rights already! Somebody just found a way to take them away by fiat! All we need is a frickin’ rule that says Homeowners Associations are ALL government agencies and can not organize as private non-profit corprorations. THAT’S ALL!

Anyway, here are the thoughts of a real gentleman:

Excellent Resource!

A few weeks ago, I ran across an excellent resource for anyone curious about the Homeowners Association experience.  His website is still under construction, but Robert R. has been through the HOA meatgrinder a couple of times. He’s one of the few people who’s ever actually won a lawsuit against the parasites in the legal profession who’ve turned HOA life into a nightmare for hundreds of thousands of Americans. Since his site is still under development, I’ll let him tell his own story if he chooses to do so.