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Pennsylvania Judge Slaps Gay-Bashing HOA

Just about anyone can have a fence around their pool in the Bucktoe Manor Homeowners Association, even without seeking advance permission. Anyone. Except those who are homosexuals.

Two young men requested permission to build a swimming pool and they put up a six foot fence, almost identical to many other fences in the subdivision. Neighbors who filed a lawsuit insisted that the gay couple’s fence would bring down their property values.

The judge issued a biting 18 page opinion that really is worth reading. It’s linked below.

Some Media Outlets Are Just Beginning to Get It

There are so many layers of dishonesty and corrupt dealing in the HOA business that it’s hard to get a real handle on it. But little by little, some media outlets are beginning to pay attention.

The article linked below is from the Miami Herald. An investigative reporter has ‘discovered’ that many Florida HOAs are breaking state law by charge super high resident application fees. Really? Dishonest HOAs? “Say it ain’t so, Joe.”

Many condos charge illegally high application fees


Condo Cesspool In Vestavia Hills, Alabama

guest blog by Nila Ridings

“You’re just going to love living here in The Montreat COA!” says the real estate agent. “Well you will if it doesn’t kill you first!” That’s what she should have added to the sales pitch.

Beware, Beware, Beware!

Condo owners in a Cleveland suburb are suing their condo board because it hid the fact that the building needed millions of dollars in repairs. Recent buyers were told nothing about the massive repairs needed to keep the building from collapsing. It’s just another reason why more and more millennials are learning to rent…not own.

(link to expose’ of yet another failed HOA)



I Feel Like A Little Kid!

Retirement can be boring. That’s why I spend so much time on YouTube and other sites. Over a week ago I was researching HOA rules against any and all use of solar energy and came across an amazing device, so amazing I immediately bought one. It’s a solar oven that operates on a vacuum tube principle that concentrates the sun’s rays into a cooking tray.