How You Can Help


…that when you joined your HOA you essentially surrendered all of your rights under the U.S. Constitution?

…that when you joined your HOA, you essentially took all your home equity, your retirement savings, your future pension and put them in a common pool with your neighbors? The legal profession hasn’t yet mined that “deep pocket,” but they’re beginning to notice it.

…that when you joined your HOA you essentially stepped out of one form of government and into another? You pay “taxes” to your new government in the form of dues, but those dues are not deductible.

…that even if you like your own HOA, you are just one election away from a complete change from passive government to rogue dictatorship?

All the above points are supported by a series of high court decisions.


How You Can Help

I hope that after reading my book, you are concerned: concerned enough to get angry and get involved. There are many ways you can help our movement grow:

  • When you’re finished with this book, share it with a neighbor. 
  • Mail it to a lawmaker and encourage others to do the same. 
  • If you share with me the email addresses of six people who might be interested in buying Neighbors At War, I will email at my own expense a copy of my book to an influential lawmaker somewhere in America. My obvious intent is to bury in books every legislator in the country who has the ability to help change the mindset. Sooner or later, our lawmakers might actually read a copy and start paying attention to their constituents! 
  • If you hear that tired old statement, “If you don’t like your HOA, just move!” understand that statement only comes from the mouths of the uneducated and uninformed. Give them a copy of Neighbors At War. Every mind we change is another soldier in our army. 
  • As long as you keep sending me email addresses, I will keep sending out free books and free newsletters with stories on the crazy and often illegal actions of rogue HOAs. I do promise, however, not to spam anyone on my list. I will allow any email recipient to opt out at any time. 
  • If you have a big enough gathering of interested people in your city, invite me to do an after dinner presentation and book-signing. 
  • Ask book stores in your area to carry Neighbors At War.

Finally, keep me posted with stories about outrageous actions by rogue HOAs.  If you send me links to news sources, I will continue to share them with others across the country.