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There’s Gotta Be A Better Way!

There’s yet another home confiscation in Florida, this one in the Waters Edge Homeowners Association. A young Florida family got behind in their HOA dues and their home was snatched right out from under them.

Young families are not wise to the ways of the world. They don’t understand how profoundly corrupt organizations like the HOA movement can simply steal what they own. Young people trust in the honesty of neighbors and neighborhood lawyers. Sadly, too many families who are just searching for a dream end up living a nightmare.

(link to WFTV story on homeless family)


Clothesline Craziness in Florida

Florida is choked with Homeowners Associations and their regulations can sometimes be draconian, such as no drying of clothing on the backyard clothes line. Here we are facing a worldwide energy crisis, we’re supposedly facing global warming. Yet HOAs threaten to fine, lien and foreclose on homes where somebody tries to save energy by hanging some towels out on the line.

Florida actually passed a law prohibiting HOAs from enforcing such prohibitions. HOAs and property managers should know the law. But they’re more comfortable bullying than in recognizing homeowners’ rights. The story linked below is about a Fort Myers homeowner who did know the law. But she’s now being targeted by the Cross Creek Estates Homeowners Association.

North Miami Beach HOA Disaster

Dear Reader,

You’re supposed to do your due-diligence before buying that first home. Sure, the place looks great. Yes, it’s a sexy North Miami Beach high rise condo.

But, good grief, take a look at what’s happening around you. One family in the building can’t access their six-story balcony because it’s hazardous. Walking onto the balcony could mean sudden death. There are dozens of others inaccessible balconies. The building is full of mold. There are allegations of the embezzlement of more than a million dollars worth of dues paid by homeowners to the management company for parking fees.

Take The Survey!

Our frequent guest blogger, Deborah Goonan, is part of a team of consumer advocates conducting a nationwide HOA survey. In addition to a social media presence, she has posted it on her own web page at Indepentent American Communities (IAC). Obviously, such a survey is more accurate when the survey sample is large. And the more people who respond, the more likely our combined voices will be heard. So, if you haven’t participated yet, please do.

In email exchanges around the country I have a rough idea of what many Americans think about HOAs, POAs and condo associations. But Deborah has fine-tuned a number of survey questions and the results will ultimately be distributed to policy makers.

Florida HOA Update: Mostly Bad News

guest blog by Deborah Goonan

Spencer’s Plantation homeowners association is in the midst of conflict, according to a report from First Coast News, Jacksonville.

Defunct developer, Mercedes Homes, ended business operations in 2012. Since that time, SPHOA’s Board leadership has changed several times, dwindling from 5 members a few years ago to only 2 members as of June 2015. The management company has been changed twice, most recently a few weeks ago, according to public records.