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Clothesline Craziness in Florida

Florida is choked with Homeowners Associations and their regulations can sometimes be draconian, such as no drying of clothing on the backyard clothes line. Here we are facing a worldwide energy crisis, we’re supposedly facing global warming. Yet HOAs threaten to fine, lien and foreclose on homes where somebody tries to save energy by hanging some towels out on the line.

Florida actually passed a law prohibiting HOAs from enforcing such prohibitions. HOAs and property managers should know the law. But they’re more comfortable bullying than in recognizing homeowners’ rights. The story linked below is about a Fort Myers homeowner who did know the law. But she’s now being targeted by the Cross Creek Estates Homeowners Association.

She’s going to lose, of course, because HOAs know that by the time a controversy has been settled the homeowners who try to stand up for their rights have to spend a fortune on legal bills. That’s why I frequently refer to the ‘national HOA scam.’ It’s all about funneling money into the pockets of lawyers, all the while claiming to protect property values.

At least this lady is getting a little emotional support from the news media. If you have friends in Florida just let them know about that state’s Right-To-Dry law. And drop this lady a note thanking her for her courage.

(link to laundry controversy in Fort Myers)