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Another Great One From Deborah Goonan

One of the country’s best Homeowners’ Rights bloggers….perhaps THE best is Deborah Goonan. Her blog is Independent American Communities. Articulate, wise, informed. In short, I’m wildly jealous of her! Maybe in the next lifetime I’ll be reincarnated with her brain.

In any event, her current post, linked below, is one you should print out and keep copies in a file folder where you can quickly find it to hand out to friends.

10 tough questions for opponents of HOA reform

An Even Deeper Dive Into CAI’s White Paper On HOA Governance

guest blog by Deborah Goonan

This week, let’s examine Community Associations Institute’s version for “enlightening’ developers and “improving governing documents.

Does the U.S need or want “communities created with CAI’s vision?

Below is a link to my website where I have Part 2, dissecting CAI’s white paper on Association Governance.

Does the U.S. need or want “communities” created with CAI’s vision?


Goonan on CAI! Another Good One!

guest blog by Deborah Goonan

To legislators at the state and federal level, and housing policy makers, CAI (Community Associations Institute) presents itself as the sole authority on HOA issues, and an advocate for homeowners. In reality, CAI is a trade group that represents the interests of businesses that serve – or exploit – homeowners and residents in mandatory associations.

CAI’s recently published white paper on Association Governance reveals its true agenda – to perpetuate blind acceptance of the Association Governance as the only viable housing institution, and to simultaneously create an ever-growing need for “expert” services of managers, attorneys, and various HOA service providers.

HOA Disclosure Laws Great For Embezzling

guest blog by Deborah Goonan (Independent American Communities)

Several states are talking about the need for laws requiring that HOAs be open and provide full disclosure to buyers and current owners alike. Several, such as Florida and California, have already enacted laws meant to prevent corruption and self-dealing.

But it isn’t working, because states choose not to enforce violations of the very laws they created. It is up to the owner to initiate a law suit in civil court, and most owners cannot afford to pay an attorney thousands of dollars to enforce open meetings, full access to records, and consumer disclosure statutes.

Goonan on The Case Against HOAs

Deborah Goonan continues to shine as one of the best and brightest as she goes after the national HOA scam. Tonight’s blog is a keeper. Definitely save it for future reference.

Here’s the link:

The case against common ownership and mandatory HOAs