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A Free CAI Vacation! How Sweet!

All those board members and lawyers are having another annual convention, all at the expense of homeowners across the country. This time they’re gathered in the shadow of ‘the Sleeping Giant’ in Scottsdale, Arizona. Only the best for our CAI, right?

You’d think they could save some money by holding their convention in a motel in Boring, Oregon. But, no, they desperately need to spend homeowners’ money in the fanciest resort in the U.S.


Goonan on CAI! Another Good One!

guest blog by Deborah Goonan

To legislators at the state and federal level, and housing policy makers, CAI (Community Associations Institute) presents itself as the sole authority on HOA issues, and an advocate for homeowners. In reality, CAI is a trade group that represents the interests of businesses that serve – or exploit – homeowners and residents in mandatory associations.

CAI’s recently published white paper on Association Governance reveals its true agenda – to perpetuate blind acceptance of the Association Governance as the only viable housing institution, and to simultaneously create an ever-growing need for “expert” services of managers, attorneys, and various HOA service providers.

Does CAI Ever Tell The Truth?

guest blog by Deborah Goonan,  IndependentAmericanCommunities.com 

Ok, folks. Here’s an opportunity for CHPPI and state advocates across the country to fight against this sickening example of propaganda and help support bills in FL that will limit excessive fees and abuse of consumers.

NOTHING that is written in the most recent Community Associations Institute / Community Advocacy Network press release (referenced below) represents the truth.

The only “advocacy” promoted by CAI and CAN is self-advocacy for their own profit potential.

I Have Met The Enemy and He is She!

It’s been forty years since the last syndicated Pogo comic strip. My headline is a bad re-write of the famous Pogo line. But it happened to me at a gathering of authors and publishers last weekend. A very attractive young lady approached me and said, “I’ve been wanting to talk to you about your book, Neighbors At War.” That’s not an extraordinary experience. I’ve been approached by many other authors at such events. But it’s what she said next that stunned me.

“I am C.A.I.”

“Huh? What?”

“I am C.A.I. The Community Associations Institute. I’m their spokesperson. And we all know about your book.”

Hire The Dirty Book Lady!

This one is just too delicious not to post. When you live in a Homeowners Association that’s squandered $700,000 bringing the neighborhood close to bankruptcy, what do you do? That’s easy. You get involved in porn!


Yeah, you hire a property manager who’s been fabulously successful at writing kinky sex books.

That’s what the Woodlake Community Association in Chesterfield County, Virginia did. The community has been ripped apart by financial mismanagement. When the HOA board and property manager quit earlier this year they hired Bethany Halle, an author of 70 novels ranging from exotic to erotic. And she’s actually made some best seller lists with books about gay sex.