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A Call To Action

I rarely object to re-posting calls to action from our network around the country, especially if I know the person or group asking for the post.
Our friends in North Carolina are doing excellent work in dealing with legislators and trying to get new laws passed. Thus, I refer to you their latest request.
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info@nchoa​laws.org (info@nchoalaws.org)
Please pass this info along to everyone you know who lives in an HOA community. Ask them to contact the North Carolina Legislature through Thom Tillis, Speaker of the House, and ask for changes to HOA laws that seem to allow and even encourage abuse of Homeowners and our Property Rights, not to mention our abilities to live and contribute positively to our Communities.
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Actually, I would go one step further than the above call to action. The vast majority of our legislators are clueless about what’s going on in HOA Amerika. The campaign donations they get is almost exclusively from the ‘industry’, and by ‘industry’ I mean those law firms, management companies and organizations which make fifty billion dollars by maintaining, nurturing and sucking at the teat of homeowners who are chained to ‘planned communities’. These are the people who are being bled dry from lawsuits, special assessments, fines, liens and foreclosures. As long as they have retirement savings and equity in their homes they have targets on their backs.
Your Legislators don’t know any of this! Get a copy of my book, Neighbors At War! And demand that your lawmaker read it!

Scary Reason To Live In A Homeowners Association

The news from North Carolina sounded horrible at first. Twenty-one people were standing on the deck of a rental home on the Outer Banks when the deck collapsed. Most were injured and taken to the hospital. It could have been far worse, of course, but the final chapters haven’t been written.

Hanging The Flag

Upside down flagA neighborhood in Pendleton, Oregon is furious with a homeowner who’s begun flying his flag upside down as a protest against President Barack Obama. The upside down flag is recognized internationally as a symbol of distress.

Oregon has long been one of the most left-leaning states in the country and it’s full of Homeowners Associations. The surprising thing is that an Oregon neighborhood is protesting any display of the American flag at all, right side up or upside down. While this blogger takes no public position, left or right, on politics, he still believes that American citizens have a Constitutional right to Freedom of Speech. And historically that means freedom of expression, even if the way a belief is expressed nauseates others.

Getting All Snuggly In Bed with the CAI

Nobody crystallize and focuses an argument better than Arizona’s George Staropoli. Around the country property rights advocates a pondering whether to invite the CAI (Community Associations Institute) into the flock. Staropoli nails it:

Guest blog by George Staropoli

Why do people NOT mention that the attorney speaking out is a CAI member? It does help to put his comments in perspective. (Would saying he’s a conservative help clarify his statements, for instance?) Think in terms of “loyal party member” who knows enough to give the appearance, the illusion, of being fair and helping the other side with his column and website, but is a party stalwart.

Another Creepy Vegas HOA

Las Vegas homeowners are lucky in one respect: They have Darcy Spears of KTNV-TV, who does frequent investigative reports under the “HOA Hall of Shame” moniker. Her latest report involves a dysfunctional HOA called the First Light Homeowners Association.

The board of First Light  is apparently somewhat vicious to many individual homeowners. They hate the spying, the discrimination, the retaliation, the indiscriminate towing of cars. People are afraid to go home. They’re afraid to open their mailboxes because of the threats, the fines, the foreclosures. 

I should also mention the massive decline of property values in Las Vegas Homeowners Associations.