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Beating Up The Handicapped!

When, oh when, will these low IQ HOA boards ever learn? Federal law DOES NOT PERMIT a Homeowners Association to discriminate against handicapped residents!

But the High Meadows (low IQ) Homeowners Association in St. Charles County, Missouri decided that the family of two handicapped girls will not be allowed to purchase a wheelchair-accessible van large enough to carry two wheelchairs.

How many times have we heard of this kind of idiocy by HOA boards and management companies? It’s a slam dunk for a federal discrimation lawsuit.

Hanging The Flag

Upside down flagA neighborhood in Pendleton, Oregon is furious with a homeowner who’s begun flying his flag upside down as a protest against President Barack Obama. The upside down flag is recognized internationally as a symbol of distress.

Oregon has long been one of the most left-leaning states in the country and it’s full of Homeowners Associations. The surprising thing is that an Oregon neighborhood is protesting any display of the American flag at all, right side up or upside down. While this blogger takes no public position, left or right, on politics, he still believes that American citizens have a Constitutional right to Freedom of Speech. And historically that means freedom of expression, even if the way a belief is expressed nauseates others.

Sexual Abuse of a Peacock???

Sexually abused peacock

Sexually abused peacockSorry, this has nothing to do with goofy Homeowners Associations, it’s just about a goofy neighbor. And it’s so bizarre I can’t pass it up with comment.

Yes, there are unbelievably crazy neighbors out there. And they live just down the block from you! In a million years, you wouldn’t be able to predict how crazy they are.

LOL! I’ve been around peacocks. They’re nasty-tempered birds with a huge beak that can severe a man’s finger if not something else. It’s just a horrible shame this peacock didn’t have better aim against his owner.

Read the original article here …

Enter the Bulldozer!

Neighbor disputes get incredibly nasty. But when one of the parties in a dispute is a bulldozer owner who’s a little mentally unbalanced, that’s when things get really bizarre.

I don’t know the background of this dispute. But a Port Angeles, Washington homeowner was so furious with neighbors that he used a bulldozer to raze their homes.

It’s not the first time a bulldozer has been used to settle a neighbor dispute, either. The last time this happened was in Granby, Colorado in 2006. Linked below are the stories on the Port Angeles, Washington bulldozer. The second linked is the 2006 Colorado bulldozer.

What? A Dishonest HOA? Nawww!

The story linked below is more than confusing. But I’ll try to boil it down.

A dishonest developer (imagine that!) creates a planned community with all its customary HOA rules, doesn’t provide the promised amenities, goes bankrupt the day before going to court; now the community is stuck with HOA regulations and dues created by this creepy developer.

Welcome to HOA Amerika.

Kenneth and Linda Anderson developed the Arcadian Springs Village Property Owners Association in Andersonville, Kentucky. Now dozens of homeowners are whining that they got duped. They didn’t get the Utopian neighborhood they dreamed of.