Getting All Snuggly In Bed with the CAI

Nobody crystallize and focuses an argument better than Arizona’s George Staropoli. Around the country property rights advocates a pondering whether to invite the CAI (Community Associations Institute) into the flock. Staropoli nails it:

Guest blog by George Staropoli

Why do people NOT mention that the attorney speaking out is a CAI member? It does help to put his comments in perspective. (Would saying he’s a conservative help clarify his statements, for instance?) Think in terms of “loyal party member” who knows enough to give the appearance, the illusion, of being fair and helping the other side with his column and website, but is a party stalwart.

His column and website are vehicles for the party line and will never deal with the fundamental defects of the HOA legal scheme, like addressing the Study Committee issues that I raised in my Proposed HOA Study Committee issues of substance. Let’s see if CAI will respond. Hell no! They can’t and won’t, and an opportunity to show what CAI really stands for fails again. (Why is CAI silent on these issues,” can be asked, demanding a response in public.)

I would think that the call for a task force would be ideal grounds for making these issues the platform for NC HOA reforms. Going to the Governor with your own agenda is the right thing to do! That might force the Governor to say, Let’s play kumbaya and set up a Task Force. Now, that’s a power play by advocates!

Asking the other side to join in admits to a lack of power, and reform legislation is a game of political power.



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