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Great Column in Las Vegas Newspaper

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The Mess Continues, The Government Does Nothing!

For the past two months, I have been telling you about the issues of the Crossroads III Condominiums homeowners. Unfortunately, nothing has been resolved as of this date, since the wheels of the Nevada Real Estate Division (NRED) move painfully slow – even in the face of this emergency situation.

Terry Williams, Public Information Officer for the Nevada Department of Business & Industry, did speak to me about the case and promised to see what she could find out. She wrote me a long email ending with the following which I found very troubling:

Las Vegas HOA Mob

As I’ve said repeatedly on this blog, never in my forty year career as an investigative reporter have I seen forty percent of the suspects on a federal indictment list suddenly ‘commit suicide’. But in the Las Vegas HOA scandal, of the first ten indictments, four suspects died in somewhat weird ways. Yes, I’ve read the coroner’s reports and the police reports. But still….

Attorney and HOA TV star Nancy Quon had supposedly tried to commit suicide before…WITH the help of her police officer boyfriend who supposedly had the Las Vegas police lab mix up some illegal drugs which she would use in her ‘suicide’. That cop is one of those under indictment in the HOA scandal. The coroner ruled it was a legitimate suicide. OK, I understand, it’s Las Vegas.

Another Creepy Vegas HOA

Las Vegas homeowners are lucky in one respect: They have Darcy Spears of KTNV-TV, who does frequent investigative reports under the “HOA Hall of Shame” moniker. Her latest report involves a dysfunctional HOA called the First Light Homeowners Association.

The board of First Light  is apparently somewhat vicious to many individual homeowners. They hate the spying, the discrimination, the retaliation, the indiscriminate towing of cars. People are afraid to go home. They’re afraid to open their mailboxes because of the threats, the fines, the foreclosures. 

I should also mention the massive decline of property values in Las Vegas Homeowners Associations.


Nevada has some slimy creatures. But this one has finally been nailed by the U.S. Attorney. Las Vegas huckster Leon Benzer has at long last been indicted for leading the organized crime ring that bled untold tens of millions of dollars out of that state’s Homeowners Associations.

Benzer has claimed innocence all along. In fact, he’s now saying that he got personal approval for running his racket by the Nevada Attorney General. While that’s totally believable, the HOA scam was totally unbelievable. More than two dozen participants have already pleaded guilty to rigging HOA board elections so they could put phony straw men on the boards and divert millions of dollars to Benzer, a bunch of lawyers, a few police officials and a politician here and there.

Yet Another Embezzlement