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Banks Win A Huge One In Nevada!

I’m no big fan of court decisions that favor big banks, in fact, I’m a bitter critic of some of the financial scams the big banks run. But the latest one in Nevada is no miscarriage of justice.

A lower Nevada court had ruled that investors in foreclosed HOA loans had a super-priority right to grab up a foreclosed house for a few thousand measly bucks, and cancel the loan the original mortgage company had given the homeowner. For a few thousand bucks you could just ignore the entity that loaned the original homeowner the half million it took to buy the home in the first place.

I despise crooked banks, I’ve been personally victimized by a crooked bank. But still, the phrase ‘due process’ is woven into our Constitution. And due process is supposed to be accorded equally to all citizens and all corporate entities.

The decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will obviously be challenged. The 9th Circuit is famously the most liberal Court in the nation and overturning 9th circuit decisions is almost pro- forma for lawyers. So it’ll be interesting to see what direction this decision goes. With a 4-4 tie in the U.S Supreme Court the whole matter could boil down to which Presidential candidate comes out on top three months from now. If this decision is delayed by the lack of a deciding vote by the High Court’s pending 9th member it very well could stand as is.

(link to Las Vegas Review-Journal story on overturning of Super-priority lien)



Release the Documents, You Nevada Crooks!!!!!!

The U.S. Attorney won’t release documents in the Nevada organized crime/Mafia case against the state’s Homeowners Association industry, despite the fact that a judge on the Nevada Supreme Court tipped off a lawyer friend that the FBI was going to stage a series of raids on people connected with the HOA scam.

That lawyer shredded wheelbarrows full of documents before the FBI could get to them.

There is so much corruption in the world of Homeowners Associations. How can federal officials prove that they’re not just as corrupt as the 43 people they sent to prison? They can release the damned documents to the Las Vegas Review Journal! These are public records!

Under the FOIA, the U.S. Attorney MUST release them. Claiming their records might reveal romantic relationships among public figures IS NOT A LEGAL REASON TO WITHHOLD THEM!

Hiding those records is an absolute sign of corruption in the U.S. Attorney’s office! The taxpayers own those records, not the crooked lawyers who work for the taxpayers. Every day those records remain secret is another day of growing public suspicion of a filthy, corrupt process, corrupt law enforcement and corrupt federal officials.

Damn it!  Do it!

(link to Review-Journal editorial)


HOA Housing Protest in Las Vegas

I got this notice today and figured I’d post it for readers who live in Nevada.  -Ward


Nevada State laws are being twisted and used to allow illegal foreclosures by Homeowners associations. Women and Minorities are the main targets. Victims are tossed into the streets with 5 day notices. The victim is left to pay the mortgage payment. In the meantime, potential investors are able to walk inside the county recorder’s office and record his or her name as the true owners. The investor buys the property, sometimes for as little as 10% of its true value.

The Recorder’s office fails to verify who the true owners on the deed of trust are and as a result the victim loses title.

Those in the  assessor’s office need to stop acting recklessly and need to be held responsible for their wrongdoing!!

The victims are entitled to their properties!   As a group we need to picket and make noise with hopes we can actually make a change, and have these 4,000 victims get their properties back. 

Come out and RALLY WITH US !

10:00 am Tuesday January 26, 2016 at the County Records office Las Vegas Nevada!



A Response To Her Recent Attack On Jonathan Friedrich

guest blog by Jonathan Friedrich

Ms Holland presumes she is the ”Queen Bee” of all community managers in the Las Vegas area.

First a few facts about Ms. Holland:

The column that she posts each week in the Review Journal SHE PAYS FOR. She is not a columnist working for the newspaper. If you observe near the very top of the page under the “Real Estate” banner the words “promotional section” are printed. This is another way of saying this is an advertisement!

Ms. Holland has built a successful business through the use of this advertisement tool.Ms. Holland, who is a licensed community manager number CAM.0001049-SUPR, has had numerous complaints filed against her with the Nevada Real Estate Division in the past. Ms. Holland makes a very nice living off the backs of people living in Homeowner Associations.

Ms. Holland’s unprovoked rabid attack on me in her paid column on September 27, 2014 for expressing my “global” view on the Nevada State Supreme Court’s decision only shows her myopic view of HOA life and her own financial well being.

What Ms. Holland fails to realize is the big picture that banks will be very cautious about lending in Nevada. This can translate into higher interest rates or refusal to lend at all!

As a Commissioner on the Common Interest-Community Commission I had a sworn duty to protect ALL of the people of this State and not just the special interest groups. This is what I did and continue to do.

Ms Holland, on the other hand, only has to look after her own special business interests. She is part of an ever growing and controlling industry that is threatening the very fabric of American life and liberty of its citizens.

To quote Ms. Holland “its about time we caught a break.” But it’s the homeowners who really need a break!

Homeowner associations have almost unlimited powers. When you purchase a home or Condo in an association you consent to be “ruled” by a group of individuals known as a “board.” This board decides what your monthly assessment is, how much will be spent on your behalf and on what, what color you can paint the exterior of your home, when you can open your garage door and for how long it can stay open, what plants and flowers you can plant. In short an HOA can and does control your life.

HOAs were created back in the 1960s to keep Blacks, Jews and Asians out of “private” communities. Is this the American way of life? I do not think so.

Oh, Ms. Holland I almost  forgot to mention all of the corruption, embezzlements of funds by board members and or the managers and kickbacks to managers all costing owners millions of dollars a year. Let us not forget the abuse and attacks  against owners who speak up and speak out against board members.

As a Commissioner I witnessed many of these acts first hand.

So Ms. Holland we the homeowners do need a “break”.

Ms. Holland, with her tunnel vision view of the world, owes me an apology. But I don’t expect one from her.


Are You Kidding Me? Nevada, Are You Nutz?!?!?!?

I would have made a rotten fiction writer. Just about the time I dreamed up the wildest possible plot, some actual news story would break that wrecked my work of fiction. And Ladies & Gents? It’s happened again and this one’s a whopper. But it’s all true.

This month, the U.S. Attorney is scheduled to go to trial in one of the biggest public corruption cases in history. Thirty crooks have already pleaded guilty. And they’ll be testifying against nine of their former friends in the HOA corruption case. Organized crime involving racketeering, money laundering, mail fraud, election fraud and about fifty other federal charges. There are even some hints about connections with a Mexican drug cartel! The bad guys are police officials, attorneys, politicians, a TV star, well-known public figures.

Now, two of the most prominent politicians in Nevada (who are also under investigation for public corruption) are going to monkey skip right under the limbo pole. “How low can you go? Everybody limbo, now!”

Yep, the Department of Justice has decided it’s not going to prosecute or even investigate Nevada Senators Harry Reid and Mike Lee. One Democrat and one Republican. It apparently doesn’t matter what they did, they’ve been declared off-limits and the FBI has been ordered off the case!  

There are lots of honest people in Nevada. I have some very good friends who live in Nevada. But it’s time to let you know, folks, the stench rising from your state is beyond polite description. You folks need to pay attention to the headlines. Your state’s economy is based on tourism and tourists don’t want to get pummeled and robbed. Home buyers don’t want the value of their vacation homes to drop 80 and 90 percent. A lot of Vistana homeowners were made penniless by these criminals.

Get with it, Nevada! Sniff the air!

(sniff the air here!)