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A Response To Her Recent Attack On Jonathan Friedrich

guest blog by Jonathan Friedrich

Ms Holland presumes she is the ”Queen Bee” of all community managers in the Las Vegas area.

First a few facts about Ms. Holland:

The column that she posts each week in the Review Journal SHE PAYS FOR. She is not a columnist working for the newspaper. If you observe near the very top of the page under the “Real Estate” banner the words “promotional section” are printed. This is another way of saying this is an advertisement!

Ms. Holland has built a successful business through the use of this advertisement tool.Ms. Holland, who is a licensed community manager number CAM.0001049-SUPR, has had numerous complaints filed against her with the Nevada Real Estate Division in the past. Ms. Holland makes a very nice living off the backs of people living in Homeowner Associations.

Ms. Holland’s unprovoked rabid attack on me in her paid column on September 27, 2014 for expressing my “global” view on the Nevada State Supreme Court’s decision only shows her myopic view of HOA life and her own financial well being.

What Ms. Holland fails to realize is the big picture that banks will be very cautious about lending in Nevada. This can translate into higher interest rates or refusal to lend at all!

As a Commissioner on the Common Interest-Community Commission I had a sworn duty to protect ALL of the people of this State and not just the special interest groups. This is what I did and continue to do.

Ms Holland, on the other hand, only has to look after her own special business interests. She is part of an ever growing and controlling industry that is threatening the very fabric of American life and liberty of its citizens.

To quote Ms. Holland “its about time we caught a break.” But it’s the homeowners who really need a break!

Homeowner associations have almost unlimited powers. When you purchase a home or Condo in an association you consent to be “ruled” by a group of individuals known as a “board.” This board decides what your monthly assessment is, how much will be spent on your behalf and on what, what color you can paint the exterior of your home, when you can open your garage door and for how long it can stay open, what plants and flowers you can plant. In short an HOA can and does control your life.

HOAs were created back in the 1960s to keep Blacks, Jews and Asians out of “private” communities. Is this the American way of life? I do not think so.

Oh, Ms. Holland I almost  forgot to mention all of the corruption, embezzlements of funds by board members and or the managers and kickbacks to managers all costing owners millions of dollars a year. Let us not forget the abuse and attacks  against owners who speak up and speak out against board members.

As a Commissioner I witnessed many of these acts first hand.

So Ms. Holland we the homeowners do need a “break”.

Ms. Holland, with her tunnel vision view of the world, owes me an apology. But I don’t expect one from her.