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How Many Times Have We Heard The “Gambling Excuse?”

Egads! I can’t count the times when I’ve heard about an HOA board member or HOA manager stealing money to feed his or her gambling addiction. It’s stupid. What’s even more stupid is that 66 million homeowners across the country risk all their life savings by buying into Homeowners Associations in which embezzling is endemic. If you live in an HOA, there’s a massive chance someone you’ve entrusted with your money is chiseling.

Get out! Get out! Get out! Let the national HOA Scam collapse on itself.

(link to yet another criminal stealing your money)


No Wonder Nevada Officials Are Fighting!


All during the Las Vegas HOA scandal, there were rumors about a judge somehow being involved in the massive scam. Prosecutors have been steadfastly refusing to show public records to the Las Vegas Review Journal. The newspaper sued. Finally some intriguing things are leaking out. The judge is none other than the Chief Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court!

According to the Journal, one of the 43 HOA crooks swore under oath that she got a text from fellow criminal Nancy Quon that Chief Justice Nancy Saitta was warning her the FBI was raiding all the HOAs. It’s crazy how many lawyers were involved in this scam! (Shades of Pennsylvania?)

Is there any question that the Las Vegas Review Journal has had to fight tooth and nail to get this scam uncovered? The prosecutor is still withholding millions of documents. How many more surprises are hidden in all those boxes? Maybe even another top state politician? A few members of the U.S. Attorney’s office? In Nevada you don’t get rich at the tables. You get rich by stealing from homeowners.

BTW, as a lifelong investigative reporter I could probably tell you exactly where this latest leak came from. I’ve used that source many times to get ‘secret’ depositions.

(link to Judge Saitta story in Las Vegas Review Journal)




Denver Snow

Sorry about getting behind on my Neighbors At War blogs but I have been slogging through this Denver blizzard. At first I didn’t think it was such a big deal, but that was before I got my Blazer and my snowplow stuck in ditches. Oh, and trying to dig out neighbors has been a huge stress producer. This really wasn’t much in terms of a Denver blizzard. We had one in March of 2003 that left snowdrifts up to twenty feet high. But this one, despite being just a couple of feet, is the wettest snowfall I’ve ever seen.

Ah well, there’s always tomorrow.

HOA Embezzlement & Fraud

I love the FBI. I love the many federal agents I have known. But my pet peeve is that the FBI, which keeps track of annual crime statistics, does not keep track of the number of Homeowners Associations which have been hit by an embezzlement by board members or property managers. Thus, it’s my belief that embezzlement from HOAs is the largest unreported crime in America. Nobody keeps track!

A couple of years ago a multi-million dollar embezzlement impacted a number of HOAs in Denver. Just about every major city has suffered some kind of massive HOA theft. Good grief, Las Vegas lost more than 60 million dollars when a ring of HOA swindlers decided that HOAs were too stupid and weak to stop embezzling. Some of the crooks were among the highest and finest of society. The FBI is credited with sending 43 HOA officials, lawyers, cops and property managers to prison. But I fault the feds for not going further. This same kind of corruption infests HOAs across the country. The corruption is being fed by massive legal fees going from homeowners into the pockets of complicit attorneys. And Legislatures across America know exactly what’s going on, but they refuse to reign in the corruption. It’s all about the money. Never, ever think that money doesn’t play a huge part in keeping a corrupt system alive.

It’s all about the money.

(link to article on how HOAs can protect themselves against fraud and embezzlement)


Kansas Legislators, We Are Counting On You!

guest blog by Nila Ridings

Why was I in Topeka testifying in front of the Kansas legislators today? HB 2557. Kansas now has this bill in the Local Government Committee being discussed to make amendments to the Kansas Uniform Common Interest Owners Bill of Rights Act.

The bill needs a lot of work but the legislators were all ears today. Some were very open about how they are hearing from more and more of their constituents that are having HOA problems.

House Representatives Scott Schwab and Amanda Grosserode both spoke in favor of the bill. I supported the bill with many changes and additions and strongly encouraged the committee members to learn who the CAI is and how they operate. Next came the CAI attorney and property manager who tried to convince the legislators all is well in the HOA neighborhoods. Kansas legislators were not buying it! Being a Realtor himself in Wichita, one representative spoke strongly about how HOA problems are getting worse and he’s hearing about it more and more. Afterwards, I spoke with him and he was very familiar with the case of Jerry Berg* being beaten with a crowbar by the HOA board member in his condo association.

(*Jerry Berg’s story can be found on this website            He was also recently interviewed on Shu Bartholomew’s HOA radio show

Observing the discussion was a reporter from the Kansas City Star. Another was a homeowner who had been in a legal battle with her HOA, but will not speak on record for fear of more retaliation. A few more attorneys. And, last but not least, the Special Assistant to the Kansas Attorney General who asked him to attend and learn more about what is happening with the HOA issues in Kansas!

Readers…we are making headway. We are truly making headway. When I worked on the Kansas Uniform Common Interest Owners Bill of Rights Act back in 2008, 2009, and 2010 the term HOA or Homeowners Association was foreign to the legislators. Today, that is certainly not the case. It appears the legislators phone lines and emails are on fire with unhappy HOA member constituents demanding help!

For a chuckle, I’ll share this. The big time CAI attorney spews out the number of Kansas homeowners living in HOAs. He then says, and you see only one or two of them have complaints. (Okay, yes, I nearly jumped out of my chair!) Trust me, if homeowners were not so frightened of their HOA board placing them on their radar for abuse, I could fill buses with people to testify for this bill to pass.

I will not be able to take busloads of people to Topeka, but I’m asking for your help. Keeping in mind this bill is being written with the intentions of helping HOA homeowners and states seem to follow what other states do…would you please send a short note of support to the email below and ask the Kansas legislators to support HB 2577? I would love to hear that hundreds of emails of support were received from all across America. Let the Kansas Legislators know we are counting on them to blaze the trail for better legislation for HOA victims all across America.

Subject: Local Government Comittee- HB 2577

Here’s a sample of what would be a sufficient email:

Dear Kansas House of Representatives:

As an HOA homeowner I am asking you to support HB 2577 because all across America we are experiencing far too much abuse and there is very little to no rights for us. We have limited protection and no place to go for help. Please listen to the homeowners, not the members of the Community Associations Institute (CAI).

I live in (name of your state) and I’m hoping my legislators will follow your lead.

Thank you for your public service and willingness to recognize the need for better legislation for those living in HOAs.

Your Name
City and State