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HOA Housing Protest in Las Vegas

I got this notice today and figured I’d post it for readers who live in Nevada.  -Ward


Nevada State laws are being twisted and used to allow illegal foreclosures by Homeowners associations. Women and Minorities are the main targets. Victims are tossed into the streets with 5 day notices. The victim is left to pay the mortgage payment. In the meantime, potential investors are able to walk inside the county recorder’s office and record his or her name as the true owners. The investor buys the property, sometimes for as little as 10% of its true value.

The Recorder’s office fails to verify who the true owners on the deed of trust are and as a result the victim loses title.

Those in the  assessor’s office need to stop acting recklessly and need to be held responsible for their wrongdoing!!

The victims are entitled to their properties!   As a group we need to picket and make noise with hopes we can actually make a change, and have these 4,000 victims get their properties back. 

Come out and RALLY WITH US !

10:00 am Tuesday January 26, 2016 at the County Records office Las Vegas Nevada!