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Organized Crime? You Betcha!

Organized crime is endemic in the HOA industry, absolutely woven throughout the faulty fabric of the whole structure of Homeowners Associations. Racism, bribery, blackmail, criminal harassment, theft, extortion, embezzlement, phony liens and foreclosures.

If you go back through five years worth of blog posts on NeighborsAtWar.com you’ll see hundreds, even thousands of posts and links to stories of criminal activity in Homeowners Associations in virtually every state in America. Board members, treasurers, management companies, HOA lawyers, even the federal racketeering convictions of 43 HOA officials in Nevada. It’s a vast criminal empire that only recently is beginning to attract attention from the nation’s news media. So this next paragraph and the associated link shouldn’t surprise you much.

Sperlonga LLC, a data collection firm, has now made a deal with Equifax to begin adding HOA dues and payment history to the credit records of homeowners. Your late HOA payments, whether real or phony, will now have the same weight on your credit report as bank loans and auto payments. Welcome to the future, Bunky!

(link to press release by Sperlonga Data)



You’re Buying An HOA Home? Are You Frickin’ Crazy?!?!?


The National HOA Scam is as close to ‘all things Mafia’ as it gets. Get it through your skulls, people! ¬†Homeowners Associations are organized crime. It used to be illegal to go door to door threatening to break glass, bust up a business, scare customers if the business owner didn’t pay his weekly extortion to the mob.

An interesting book in my past reading was “Jimmy the Weasel.” You don’t have to read the book. Just read the Wiki article linked below about the life of Jimmy Fratianno, mob boss of the West Coast. And see if his kind of extortion isn’t an exact parallel of the crap that goes on in Homeowners Associations. Threats, extortion, property damage, mob-controlled living environment. The most powerful story, though, is about the homeowner in Sarasota who was victimized by her HOA mob.

You think I’m exaggerating? Read the links below!

(Sarasota HOA extortion)

(link to background of Mafia boss Jimmy The Weasel. He should have been an HOA board member)


Las Vegas HOA Mob

As I’ve said repeatedly on this blog, never in my forty year career as an investigative reporter have I seen forty percent of the suspects on a federal indictment list suddenly ‘commit suicide’. But in the Las Vegas HOA scandal, of the first ten indictments, four suspects died in somewhat weird ways. Yes, I’ve read the coroner’s reports and the police reports. But still….

Attorney and HOA TV star Nancy Quon had supposedly tried to commit suicide before…WITH the help of her police officer boyfriend who supposedly had the Las Vegas police lab mix up some illegal drugs which she would use in her ‘suicide’. That cop is one of those under indictment in the HOA scandal. The coroner ruled it was a legitimate suicide. OK, I understand, it’s Las Vegas.

But even the family of attorney David Amesbury doesn’t believe he committed suicide. He was found hanging from a rafter in his brother’s barn. Just shortly before his ‘suicide’ he was found inside the locked gates of his gated HOA community, badly beaten, ribs broken, both knees bashed inwards. And somehow he’s able to climb a ladder in a barn and hang himself? Give me a break.

Folks, you haven’t even seen one percent of this scandal as it’ll unfold in next year’s federal court case in Nevada. This is Organized Crime in capital letters. And it’s the same kind of Organized Crime that permeates the entire structure of Homeowners Associations across America. Have I seen it personally? Yes, as documented in my new book, Neighbors At War, I was once hit with a $75,000 extortion demand by a local HOA official. He was stupid enough to issue that demand through my personal attorney, who took extensive notes. Then, this HOA official was stupid enough to ‘confess’ to the HOA board in writing that he actually had such a communication with my attorney and he was sure it was tape recorded. Strangely enough, his memo was not produced during discovery as required by law. It was ‘accidentally’ included in a box of material that I was never supposed to see. Those records suddenly vanished right before my court trial, but he couldn’t get rid of that memo.¬† These people may be organized criminals, but they’re really not very smart.

Homeowners Associations are a dangerous institution. Any phony or quasi governmental institution that’s not required to abide by the restrictions of the U.S. Constitution is dangerous to your personal and financial health. They do not protect your property values. They do not protect your family’s privacy or safety. Thousands of Americans have discovered over the past few years that by agreeing to live in an HOA, they’ve signed a Devil’s Contract. If I appear to rant and rave, it’s just my way of trying to issue the warning that I wish someone had once issued me. Reading your real estate paperwork is the customary advice. But there’s nothing in your real estate documents that talks about what’s actually happening in HOA Amerika.

You know, I’d just love to cover those Las Vegas trials in person.

Just my rant of the day.