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You’re Buying An HOA Home? Are You Frickin’ Crazy?!?!?


The National HOA Scam is as close to ‘all things Mafia’ as it gets. Get it through your skulls, people! ¬†Homeowners Associations are organized crime. It used to be illegal to go door to door threatening to break glass, bust up a business, scare customers if the business owner didn’t pay his weekly extortion to the mob.

An interesting book in my past reading was “Jimmy the Weasel.” You don’t have to read the book. Just read the Wiki article linked below about the life of Jimmy Fratianno, mob boss of the West Coast. And see if his kind of extortion isn’t an exact parallel of the crap that goes on in Homeowners Associations. Threats, extortion, property damage, mob-controlled living environment. The most powerful story, though, is about the homeowner in Sarasota who was victimized by her HOA mob.

You think I’m exaggerating? Read the links below!

(Sarasota HOA extortion)

(link to background of Mafia boss Jimmy The Weasel. He should have been an HOA board member)