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This Is How We Treat Our Veterans?!?

Being an injured veteran, back home from fighting our wars abroad, you’d think Americans might be a little more understanding and compassionate. But the tiny-minded Water Oaks neighborhood on Florida’s Emerald Coast apparently feels like it’s a little too good for a lowly former Army NCO.

Sgt. First Class Shane Jernigan is a first class fellow. His neighbors are acting like a bunch of slimy low-lifes. Jernigan has been in one fight after another as his Homeowners Association tries to make him so miserable he’ll leave. But he’s a fighter. This HOA and its law firm (one of the most notoriously litigious in the whole state) is trying to spend him to death.

Huffington Post Gets HOA Stuff Right

I’m not much of a fan of the Huffington Post, but they’re the latest media outlet to try to warn prospective homeowners about the dictatorial power of HOAs. They don’t go deep enough, but at least they touch on a number of the kinds of abuses that all homeowners should be thoroughly educated about.

The main message they don’t hit hard enough is NEVER BUY INTO AN HOA!!!  They also don’t warn you how much your property values can collapse in a poorly run association. Ah, well, I guess that’s what the rest of us are for.

Another Red, White and Blue Atrocity!

Strange how violently some Homeowners Associations react to any display of patriotism. But it happens over and over against across the country. Display the flag and risk verbal abuse, neighborhood shaming, fines, liens and foreclosures.

But it’s all about following the money. Give your HOA an excuse, let them believe you’ve got some equity in your home and you’ll be targeted by a rogue board for any reason, even the display of an American flag.

(link to story on a Michigan woman who could lose her home over a flag)


Kansas City Star’s Ripples Continue To Spread

Not too much commentary tonight. But a small Washington State newspaper has cited reporter Judy Thomas’s expose’ from a few weeks ago.

Yup. The word’s getting around to all corners of the country.


FROM THE SUBURBAN TIMES, Pierce County, Washington

HOAs on Steroids!

I’ve written about this before, but if you want to see what happens when Homeowners Associations take over the reigns of government, you need go no further than what was formerly known as the “Cocaine Capitol of the World,” Aspen, Colorado.

Aspen is sometimes known as ‘Hollywood East.’ All the big movie stars have second homes there. Visit a couple of neighborhood bars and you’re more than likely to spot a half dozen TV and movie celebrities. Millionaires and zillionaires everywhere.