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editor’s note: as a reporter I’ve been exposing massive abuses in the VA for thirty years, and nothing has ever happened to change the plight of our soldiers. Do I have a dog in the fight? Of course, with several family members currently being abused by this system it’s maddening to see the abuses continue. Please study the paper below by Col. Frank.

a guest blog by Letter from: Colonel Robert Frank, USAF (Ret.)
May 30, 2014 @ 22:15:27

The following is being posted on a dozen of the most active LinkedIn military and veterans groups with a combined total of over 50,000 readers. But, much more social media exposure is needed by those more expert than I.

As one (like many others in the military) who have been tasked to turn around failed units (in my case, logistics and procurement units), I am quite aware of how difficult it will be to turn around or significantly restructure the giant VA department.

It will require very accomplished leadership with a well-documented “war plan” containing very clear objectives and measures of merit for the conversion and the resulting organizational components. Repeating the past half-baked actions will fail again.

Many decades ago, this nation simultaneously entered the losing wars in Europe and Asia and made the difference in totally turning the wars around and achieving total victory in about 3 years. Do we have such gifted and selfless leaders today to deal with the VA problems? If we fail, millions of veterans lives are at risk.

Of course, the leadership challenge to “fix” the VA is much less daunting for making military, reserve, guard and veterans healthcare services “acceptable”. But, unless serious efforts are taken by legislatures at both the federal and state levels and by highly experienced industry leaders to ensure the leadership and resources are provided to repair the broken systems for all veterans, the nation will fail again. And, our ability to continue to man the all-volunteer force with the highest quality people is likely to fail.

If “we” allow that to happen, it will be a monumental failure by our citizens and our veterans organizations. The obvious conclusions is that our military, veterans and their families must become activists for change. Regrettably, we can no longer wait patiently and trust that the “country” will “do the right things” for our people.

I would like to ask all that read this to send personal mail and call Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to act NOW to pass the bill allowing the VA Secretary to deal precisely and promptly with failed VA civilians. That is a CRITICAL element in beginning to change the failed VA culture. It must be allowed to pass immediately.

Senator Harry Reid
522 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington , DC 20510
Phone:  202-224-3542
Fax: 202-224-7327



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