Rumors! Rumors! Rumors! Las Vegas!

Whew! I don’t know any of this for sure. But the rumor mill says that Las Vegas Homeowner, Jonathan Friedrich, has won another battle against a Homeowners Association that claims his home is within their boundaries and wants him to pay dues. They’ve lost before, but since HOA lawyers have an unlimited budget they’re taking him to court again and again. A judge sanctioned them once before, awarding Friedrich $5000. The rumor today is that the judge sanctioned them again today for another $5000.

Sanctioned twice and the issue hasn’t even gotten to decide Jonathan’s damages!

Jonathan has all the paperwork to show his house was never included in the original HOA. But remember, HOA lawyers aren’t stupid. They know that when an HOA has an insurance policy, they can run up the bills until everyone in the HOA goes broke and they get rich.

When Jonathan’s HOA was created they put up a gate, which illegally enclosed Jonathan’s house. In fact, they even put up a street light on his private property. A wise advisor would tell Jonathan to start charging this idiotic HOA rent for putting the light pole on his property.


BTW, Jonathan Friedrich is running for the Nevada State Senate. With a few political donations he might even make it.

Jonathan? What’s your address for donations? Ah! Here it is:

Jonathan Friedrich
2405 Windjammer Way
Las Vegas, NV 89107


Get this man a seat in the Nevada Senate!!!!!!



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