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Airbnb HOA Nightmare

Millions of people around the world have opened their homes to Airbnb, the service that for a small price can find homeowners willing to share their homes for a brief time to travelers. It sounds like a wonderful idea. When a close relative of mine died in Oregon and I couldn’t find a nearby motel I turned to Airbnb for what changed from a few days to a month-long ordeal. In a neighborhood of hundreds of homes I added just one extra car to the daily traffic.

But Homeowners Associations are fascist regimes, all about complete control of the private lives of homeowners. And knowing that you can make a few bucks by a short term lease in your extra bedroom drives board members crazy.

Mind you, they probably couldn’t stop you if you had a relative come stay with you. But breathe the Airbnb brand and these lawn Nazis go bonkers.

So warn your Airbnb guests that they’ve got to swear under oath that they’re long-lost distant cousins and you’ might be able able to slip by without getting sued.