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Just Wait For The Earthquake!

It’s unsettling how so many tens of millions of people have just blithely wandered into the Homeowners Association experience without thinking. And so many people think they’re getting such a deal by being one of the first to believe the developer’s promises and move in.

Hoo, boy. A number of prospective homeowners bought condos in a residential skyscraper under development in San Francisco. The developer just didn’t tell them all the relative facts; that one side of the building has sunk sixteen inches into the ground and the building is tilting.


In an earthquake-prone city these homeowners are now wondering if the next quake will send their building on Mission Street…right down the middle of Mission Street, And there’s word the developer has known about this problem for the past seven years! That’s honesty for you.

I’m not sure who’d want to live in San Francisco, anyway. Yes, I’ve been there on multiple occasions. And yes, the restaurants are great. But with earthquake experts warning Californians that ‘The Big One’ might be a little closer than anybody thinks, yes, I’d rather live with the risk of Colorado blizzards than California temblors.

(link to story on leaning tower of Frisco)