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Hawaii Homeowners Fight Non-judicial Foreclosures!

I’m not sure how successful this class-action lawsuit will be, but it sure looks interesting. Home and condo owners in Hawaii have long been tortured by abusive HOA boards which have discovered the extreme profitability of seizing and auctioning off homes with no independent court oversight. It’s guaranteed full-time employment for lawyers, and guaranteed future abuse of homeowners, many of them elderly.

(link to story about wrongful foreclosure claims)


Huffington Post Gets HOA Stuff Right

I’m not much of a fan of the Huffington Post, but they’re the latest media outlet to try to warn prospective homeowners about the dictatorial power of HOAs. They don’t go deep enough, but at least they touch on a number of the kinds of abuses that all homeowners should be thoroughly educated about.

The main message they don’t hit hard enough is NEVER BUY INTO AN HOA!!!  They also don’t warn you how much your property values can collapse in a poorly run association. Ah, well, I guess that’s what the rest of us are for.

Another Red, White and Blue Atrocity!

Strange how violently some Homeowners Associations react to any display of patriotism. But it happens over and over against across the country. Display the flag and risk verbal abuse, neighborhood shaming, fines, liens and foreclosures.

But it’s all about following the money. Give your HOA an excuse, let them believe you’ve got some equity in your home and you’ll be targeted by a rogue board for any reason, even the display of an American flag.

(link to story on a Michigan woman who could lose her home over a flag)


Goonan On The Housing Market Implosion

I’ve long predicted a huge implosion of the housing market. But that’s more based on instinct than in long, hard study. But it takes an investigator like Deborah Goonan to really gather the facts and offer conclusions. Her blog, today, an an excellent look at what’s coming and what may be behind a pending crisis.

Easing FHA condo certifications and the Collapsing Housing Market

Kansas City Star’s Ripples Continue To Spread

Not too much commentary tonight. But a small Washington State newspaper has cited reporter Judy Thomas’s expose’ from a few weeks ago.

Yup. The word’s getting around to all corners of the country.


FROM THE SUBURBAN TIMES, Pierce County, Washington