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What Happens When an HOA Board Goes Rogue

It can happen at any time to any HOA board in the country: molehills turn into mountains, mountains into disasters and those disasters are jammed down the throats of unsuspecting homeowners.
The Arbors Village Homeowners Association is one of those classy little HOAs in Southern Florida, where the gated entrance keeps out all the common riffraff that some homeowners are so desperately afraid of.
Edward Grede and his wife bought their Florida home four years ago. But Grede wanted a nice door at his front entrance, a wrought iron door with a screen.  In fact, the original developer liked it and told Grede he could install it.
Ah, but now the jealousy strikes, the vicious kind of jealousy that can tear a neighborhood apart. 
You see, Grede is the only homeowner who asked the developer for such a door. “It’s just not fair,” the neighbors said. “It’s not fair for him to have such a nice door when nobody else can have one!” So they sued.  Yes, the Arbors Village Homeowners Association sued, demanding that Grede tear down his nice door and pay all the association’s expenses.
There was a slight problem with that. The lawsuit again Grede failed. The angry neighbors tried again, making their appeal to a different judge. Surprise, surprise, the second judge didn’t agree either.
The neighbors were left fuming, including HOA president Pat Towers, who pushed the lawsuit through the courts. All that remains is the legal bills which the HOA now has to pay.  Grede gets $100,000 to cover his bills, the HOA’s legal expenses are about $150,000, meaning the HOA has to suddenly come up with a quarter million dollars. Each and every homeowner is going to get a huge special assessment
One other thing remains behind: a nice gated neighborhood that is emotionally trashed, one neighbor hating another. They’ll have to live with the thought that $250,000 could have bought every resident in that neighborhood a nice screen door, just like the one Ed Grede has.